Dragon Ball Legends mod apk 3.11.1 (God Mode/Unlimited Crystals)

Dragon Ball Legends
App Name Dragon Ball Legends
Genre Action
Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Size 78.9MB
Latest Version 3.11.1
Mod info God Mode/Unlimited Crystals
Update August 16, 2022 (1 years ago)

A card battle-style combat game called Dragon Ball Legends puts all the renowned warriors from the Dragon Ball universe at your fingertips. As a result, 1vs1 online combat gaming in real time will be dramatic and attractive in Dragon Ball Legends. Cards are used in place of the characters' skills, allowing for a variety of strong and original combo combinations.Have you ever thought about how to perform the Kamehameha move? No more imagination needed. You can achieve your goals in Dragon Ball Legends.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK For Android

In this fantastic game, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK will grant you extraordinary strength. Simply download the game to your Android device, and you may quickly wipe out the enemy. You must engage in combat with other players and embark on adventures in the game. There are several perils up ahead. To succeed, you must eliminate all those who stand in your path.


Introducing Dragon Ball Legends

In 2018, Bandai Namco unveiled Dragon Ball Legends, a brand-new real-time PvP fighting game with outstanding 3D graphics. And up until now, Dragon Ball Legends has always been popular all around the world.

Dragon Ball Legends' gameplay will immerse you in a 1vs1 scenario with real-time combat and battle card choices. Cards representing various attacks and randomly containing Dragon Balls will replace the characters' talents. If you have all seven dragon balls, just like in the story, you can use that character's most "heavy" move with stunning and imposing results.

In other words, Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game that is played in the style of a card game and puts all the great warriors from Dragon Ball universe at your disposal. Most importantly, you can effortlessly control the combat with just one finger.

The Plot and Character System of Dragon Ball Legends

The storyline of Dragon Ball Legends closely resembles that of the original. The story follows the exploits of the young Songoku and his pals as they quest for the dragon ball. He continually trains to get stronger along the road while also punishing cruel and evil people. He ultimately fights, saving the planet from destruction.

Characters from childhood including Son Goku, Freeza, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Cell, and many more will be encountered. Each character's special moves are specific to that character. To determine how many moves your character can withstand, take attention to the character's blood.


 You will play a character from Dragon Ball in the game, to be the strongest, you must learn the character's skills and combine them well.The ultimate battle royale battles will soon bring together warriors of all ages.


The game's controls are rather basic and have been made to work well on tablets and mobile devices. The operation is simple to learn, but mastering it is challenging. Offline and PvP are the game's two main game modes. The game's skills, unlike those in previous games, are unlocked by using a card system that enables you to combine a variety of moves.

Graphics and Sound

In terms of graphics, publisher Bandai Namco has never let players down. The game's 3D design is crisp and exquisite. Colors that pop. The characters resemble the original version in shape. When playing the game, you'll feel like viewing the Dragon Ball animated films. Dragon Ball Legends' audio quality is likewise extremely well-maintained. There are numerous well-known lines in the film, and the character voices are generally standard.


Features in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, there are numerous ways to increase character attributes, fitting for a series where the majority of characters spend the most of their time practicing. Let's go through them one by one so that you don't miss any important features.

Story EXP: This is the most straightforward method. Experience points (EXP) are awarded to each character in your squad for successfully completing levels or narrative events. You can carry out these chores till your energy runs out.

EXP Training: To obtain the experience bonus, go to the Training menu, choose a character, and wait the required amount of time. EXP gain can be increased by using training weights.

Limit Breaks: To increase the total strength of your character, which is represented by stars, acquire Z Power through summons or plot rewards.You can Limit Break a character up to 7 stars.

Soul Boost: By gaining access to fresh Boost Panels on the Soul Boost board, you can improve your character.

Class Up/Boost Cores: You can activate Boost Core once a specified amount of Boost Panels have been unlocked . The character's maximum level rises as a result, and additional, more potent Boost Panels become available.


For gamers, Dragon Ball Legends is a title not to be missed. Anyone who enjoys fighting games and is a fan of the animated film Dragon Ball should choose this. To fully immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball universe, download the game and give it a try right away.