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Drag Racing: Bike Edition
App Name Drag Racing: Bike Edition
Genre Racing
Developer Creative Mobile Games
Size 35.1Mb
Latest Version 3.11.8
Mod info
Update October 19, 2022 (1 years ago)

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is a racing game launched in 2018 by Creative Mobile. The game's content concentrates on legendary racers' tough and spectacular motorbike racing. This gameplay allows gamers to not only immerse themselves in an honest, competitive vehicle race but also unwind from stress after a long day. Currently, the game draws millions of players globally to engage in amusement.

Drag Racing: Bike Edition MOD APK

Creative Mobile is a well-known Estonian game publisher. They always have a high number of gamers that support the games they create. Even though it was published more than four years ago, Drag Racing: Bike Edition remains a great attraction among players. In 2019, the game was named one of the 10 greatest motorbike racing games 2019 for Android and iOS.

The producers have published a popular series called Drag Racing, and now Creative Mobile has a new component called Drag Racing: Bike Edition, in which you must engage in typical innings-row races on a motorcycle. Generally, the gameplay follows the standard pattern; your goal is to reach the finish line first, then use the money and experience points earned to improve an existing technique or purchase a new one. In addition, players can enjoy the availability of the multiplayer option, superb visuals, and realistic physics.


Become A Super Motorcycle Racer

Drag Racing: Bike Edition immerses participants in the world's largest motorbike race. In this game, players may drive an automobile and battle for talent against dozens of other players. The game has over 750 levels ranging from easy to difficult for gamers to experience. 

The track spans many different terrains: wide highways, rocky mountain roads, village roads riddled with potholes and caves, and more. Furthermore, several obstacles occur regularly to push each athlete racer. Players must remain calm, react swiftly, and maneuver correctly to win the race.

Wide Range Of Motorcycle Models To Choose From

Drag Racing: Bike Edition rewards players for owning more than 35 different types of huge displacement vehicles. To provide players with the most accurate experience, the automobiles are replicated precisely like the originals in real life. To obtain the most powerful vehicle, the player has the option to enhance the car's windshield, horn, bodywork, wheels, and brakes.


Simple Control Mechanism

The game couldn't be much simpler in its essence. The only thing that matters is the straight-line drag race. As a result, there are no steering or braking controls. Even the acceleration has been taken care of for you. All you have to do is make the perfect shift into the next gear, pressing the screen at just the correct time to upshift and move a little faster. That's essentially all there is to it, keeping from the touch button for a nitro boost.

Exciting PVP Game Mode

Drag Racing: Bike Edition offers only one game mode, PvP. This mode allows you to race with thousands of other great riders worldwide. The first person to finish will win and receive attractive prizes. You can also invite your friends to join the race to determine who has the best motorcycle skills.


Great Graphics And Sounds

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is based on 3D visuals and high-quality pictures that are clear and fluid. The automobile system has an eye-catching color palette, a realistic design, and a range of racing circuits with a well-thought-out surrounding perspective design that pays attention to every detail. Players may then experience the most intense races in a realistic manner.

The sound in the game especially resembles a motorcycle's engine explosion, a siren, and a car's loud screaming at high speeds. The mix of visuals and music has provided players with the most dramatic, ferocious, and visually appealing motorbike racing.

Download Drag Racing: Bike Edition MOD APK

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is a great game for fans of exciting and dramatic motorcycle races. Our MOD version will give you unlimited money, allowing you to shop and upgrade as much as you like in the game. Download this game now to become the ultimate motorcycle racer and finish first in the fierce races.