Dr. Driving mod apk 1.70 (Unlimited Money)

Dr. Driving
App Name Dr. Driving
Genre Racing
Developer Sud Inc
Size 10.8Mb
Latest Version 1.70
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 25, 2022 (1 years ago)

A popular mobile driving simulation game is called Dr Driving. The gameplay of this game is quite straightforward, yet it also calls for ingenuity from the player.

Download Dr Driving MOD APK For Android

There are times in life when doing something easy and uncomplicated can bring you joy. The game Dr Driving can help you with that. To get a very realistic sense of driving a car on the street, download the game directly to Android devices.


Introducing Dr Driving

Join Dr Driving to instantly experience what it's like to drive a car on the road using just a smartphone. The game not only gives you moments of relaxation but also helps you gain more knowledge of an experienced driver. The traffic system, traffic laws or the vehicle in Dr Driving were extremely realistically approximated by the game's designer. There is nothing more enjoyable than the sensation of being behind the wheel while watching the bustling streets and feeling completely secure. 

Gameplay Dr Driving

In Dr Driving, you may get to drive the majority of contemporary vehicles. You will have a steering wheel, gear lever, accelerator, and, of course, a brake pedal when playing the game. You can move forward by pressing the accelerator, and you can stop by using the brake, much like when you're driving in real life. The steering wheel can also be turned in the desired direction.

Additionally, you may fully operate the forward, reverse, free-drop (N), and stop (P) functions with the gear lever.

Realistic Driving Experience

In this game, your duty is likewise quite straightforward. Within the allotted time, arrive at the location where the game requires. You must, however, drive carefully to avoid crashes and accidents on the road. If you violate, the police are ready to show up and issue a fine at any time.

To win, try to follow the directions along the road and cross the finish line. You will also get a lot of deserving rewards if you successfully fulfill the duties that have been given to you. It will assist you in upgrading your vehicle or acquire more luxurious and pricey supercars.

A particularly interesting point in Dr Driving is that you will have the right to choose the viewing angle in the game. For the best vehicle handling, players can opt for either a first-person or third-person viewpoint.

Game Modes in Dr Driving

When playing Dr Driving, you can select from a variety of modes. You must move to the specified location in Mission Speed mode within the allotted time while avoiding hitting any other vehicles on the road

In the online mode, you can play with friends, compete by car model, and compete against random players. To determine the overall winner, you and another player will battle against one another to see who can travel the furthest and score the most points.

Furthermore, Dr Driving also has a  practice mode with exercises in many different areas. You can practice maneuvers like running in the right lane, turning, parking, speeding, and more in this mode. You can use the coins you earn from these exercises to upgrade your car and develop your personal abilities.

Street in Dr Driving

The streets in Dr Driving have a relatively straightforward layout. However, there will be a lot of moving objects on the road that you must dodge or get around. With 3 lanes running on each side, you will be able to comfortably wriggle in the most reasonable way to move forward. There will also be junctions and crossroads in the game that you must turn into in order to move further.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in the game are designed to be extremely simple but still fully meet the functions of the car you need to drive. Cars come in a huge variety of designs and are quite eye-catching, with features that differ according to the rank.

Players will be more enthused by Dr Driving's thrilling game soundtrack and its quick tempo.


If you're searching for a relaxing, enjoyable game, Dr Driving is a great choice. It will be fascinating to experience driving while observing the street and enjoy the music. Install Dr Driving now to try a game that's both entertaining and calming.