Diablo Immortal mod apk 1.4.889785 (Originals)

Diablo Immortal
App Name Diablo Immortal
Genre Simulations
Developer Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Size 77.3MB
Latest Version 1.4.889785
Mod info Originals
Update September 13, 2022 (1 years ago)

The first Diablo game made on a mobile device is called Diablo Immortal.This game is a fighting role-playing game published by Blizzard Entertainment and has the potential to be a smash hit with RPG and MOBA elements. Players can fully immerse themselves in the dramatic gaming world thanks to the intense combat that Diablo Immortal offers. 

Download Diablo Immortal MOD APK For Android

You must try Diablo Immortal if you're looking for the renowned Diablo brand in a mobile game. Gamers have a lot of love and appreciation for this game. To avoid missing out on Diablo Immortal's incredibly thrilling and dramatic matches, download the game directly to Android devices.


Introducing Diablo Immortal 

The setting of Diablo Immortal is the time following the gradual regaining of power by the haunting stone WorldStone. The country of Sanctuary gradually grows darker as a result. Additionally, the Lord of Terror is back and has enlisted demons from all around the world to increase his strength.

The incident took place between Diablo II and Diablo III,the evil forces are returning and endangering the lives of humanity, you will be the only hope humanity has to stop the resurrection of the demons and Lord of Terror.

Gameplay Diablo Immortal

Players can select one of six characters at the start of the game, which correspond to six classes: Barbarian, Monk, Witcher, Demon Hunter, Crusader, and Necromancer. These characters will each have unique skill sets and distinct playstyles. 

After that, you'll start gathering Worldstone fragments while fighting the Lord of Terror's army of monsters to stop him from coming back. However, to do that, you can select side quests to battle in-game bosses or monsters to get experience and equipment to boost power.

To make Diablo Immortal run more reliably on mobile, the gameplay is modified from the PC version. Players can conveniently execute the move thanks to the straightforward control mechanism, which places the joystick on the right and the shortcut keys for the skill on the opposite side.

Characters in Diablo Immortal

Barbarian: Butcher, short range, strong in physical harm.

Monk: Priest, move quickly, attack from close range, and deal physical damage.

Wizard: Wand attack: ranged, magic damage.

Demon Hunter: Employs a single pair of crossbows that deal physical damage at a distance.

Crusader: Knight, deals physical damage at close range and has strong resilience.

Necromancer: Spirit summoner who is able to call forth magic-damaging ranged demon fighters.

Diverse Game Modes

Players have access to numerous game modes, including endless mode, multiplayer mode, confrontation mode,etc. To prevent the game from becoming stale, monotonous or one color, each mode will offer a unique experience. 

Players will take part in the conflict between the Immortals and Shadows in PvP mode. Because of the substantial and alluring rewards, this mode draws the most participants. To play with other online players, you can elect to play single, 3v3, or any other option on the menu.

By including required online zones, locations for up to 4 players, gangs, factions, and various goods exchange situations, the publisher has significantly improved the multiplayer component.

You can also obtain a system of gems during the game to increase their character's strength.  Experiencing the more difficult game modes, the more players have the opportunity to receive precious gems.

Equipment and Skills

There are three basic categories of equipment for each character class: weapons, armor, and jewelry. You can receive equipment when taking out foes, completing tasks, or making purchases in the storet. When a character is wearing equipment, that gear will be visible on them.

Each character will possess a set of four special abilities. You must expend energy in order to use a skill. For the character to deal more damage, you can enhance their skills.

Graphics and Sound

The recognizable dark visuals from the Diablo series are present in Diablo Immortal. The game's universe is filled with a wide variety of areas, skills, equipment, and monster types to keep things fresh for players. The character's every move is painstakingly detailed, giving players a special experience.

In order to give players the impression that they are taking part in furious, epic fights, Diablo Immortal places a lot of emphasis on skill, sound effects as well as attacks. The sound during combat is also invested very carefully by the developer when it shows both the emotions of the character as well as the effects of the moves.


Diablo Immortal is poised to become a top pick for many gamers thanks to its engaging gameplay and stunning graphics. Install Diablo Immortal right away to take part in the brutal war with the demons and make the world peaceful.