Cover Fire APK 1.24.15 (Unlimited Money)

Cover Fire
App Name Cover Fire
Genre Action
Developer Viva Games Studios
Size 346.0Mb
Latest Version 1.24.15
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Cover Fire is a shooting simulation playground where professional gamers can freely show off their marksmanship. Thanks to its engaging gameplay, varied character system, and numerous noteworthy daily events, this game is enjoying a positive response from players worldwide. Additionally, the UI of this game has been tuned so that even a phone with ordinary specs can display stunning 3D images. Thus, Cover Fire promises to be the ideal experience for your weekend if you love the drama shooting action game genre.

Introduce Cover Fire

Introduce Cover Fire

Cover Fire is an action simulation shooting game published by Genera Games. This game provides players with a fantastic user interface, lifelike 3D visuals, fascinating action, and a plot based on numerous military missions.

You will be participating in the historic battle between the heroes of the Tetracorp army and the opposition here. Tetracorp is an evil organization that intends to invade different parts of the world, take over the property, and stifle all forms of communication among people. Your job will be to command your army to battle on many different fronts and use a vast arsenal of weapons to annihilate all adversaries. Be a lighthouse for your army by illuminating the most straightforward routes to the country's independence.

New Shooting Gameplay

Cover Fire creates for players fresh gameplay with numerous intriguing aspects that are distinct from other shooting games. In this game, you will have to role-play three characters simultaneously. Depending on the battle situation, you will alternately change these three characters combined with special weapons and skills. Additionally, in a few particular missions, you will need to assemble an unstoppable army with special abilities like a sniper, hacker, and destruction to combat deadly opposing forces.

In essence, the gameplay of this game is novel but not overly challenging to learn. A game commander also needs astute combat plans, keen reasoning, and expert abilities. These conditions will allow you to develop into a strong leader who can compete with any foe and easily win.

Collection of Hundreds of Modern Weapons

Collection of Hundreds of Modern Weapons

In Cover Fire, you will have to go through many difficult challenges and face elite soldiers, huge tanks with great destructive power, and extremely dangerous sniper units. Therefore, you will need to consider choosing the right weapons to defeat the enemy.

This game offers a collection of simulated guns close to real life. You can come across familiar guns like AKM, AWM, M416, and MK47. Besides, you can also collect hundreds of other unique and powerful weapons to increase the strength of your army.

Diverse And Fierce Battle Area

You can explore a variety of map settings in this game, including more than five countries and more than 30 battlegrounds. Each is really impressively constructed to resemble real combat and contains difficult obstacles. Additionally, you will be given access to various covering zones to choose the optimal hiding spot while taking out the opposition.

Customize Your Character Skins and Upgrade Your Weapons

Besides the above features, the highlight of Cover Fire lies in its huge collection of customizable assets for your characters, such as skins, clothing, and all kinds of wearable devices. Don't forget to enhance the skills of every soldier in your army so that they are all faster and more dangerous. Give your warriors the most cutting-edge weapons and gear to exert their full force. With that, work on developing your leadership skills so you can lead the team to success.

You can also improve all your weapons in the game, including attack power, range, rate of fire, and accuracy. If you successfully complete these tasks, you and your army will become the best troops any adversary needs to watch out for.

Amazing 3D Graphics With Immersive Sound

Amazing 3D Graphics With Immersive Sound

Cover Fire offers stunning 3D graphics with immersive visuals and powerful effects, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the amazing shooting gameplay. The environment in the game is built very detailed and highly realistic. This will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the game and appreciate its incredible physics. Not to mention the game's distinctive slow-motion animations, which will make playing much more enjoyable and intriguing. You can customize the game's visual settings in specific. This is a significant benefit because it lets you play this game as smoothly as possible across various devices.

The sound design in this game is also of the highest caliber. You can hear the sound of the car engine, footsteps, gunfire, or the wind in the most realistic way. As a result, you can be sure that you'll always be able to participate in the most epic and realistic PvP and PvE shooting battles.

Download Cover Fire Mod Apk for Android

Although it cannot be compared with the big names in the FPS game series like PUBG or Fortnite, Cover Fire will still satisfy players who do not require many in-game features. This game has an attractive storyline with thrilling happenings, making players always have to be highly focused on immersing themselves fully in the story it brings. Additionally, it offers a superb graphics platform and an efficient control system so players can have a fluid playing experience on their phone screens, even those of low configuration. What are you waiting for? Download Cover Fire MOD APK immediately to your Android device and test your leadership abilities in exciting conflicts.