Clash Royale APK 3.3186.7 (Unlimited money)

Clash Royale
App Name Clash Royale
Genre Simulations
Developer Supercell
Size 444.5Mb
Latest Version 3.3186.7
Mod info Unlimited money
Update September 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

The strategy game Clash Royale from the developer Supercell features a fresh and incredibly original gameplay. Attractive PvP matches and extremely intriguing amusement types will undoubtedly provide gamers a chance to unwind and great entertainment.

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Clash Royale should not be missed by fans of strategy games, the game has received many downloads and positive ratings on Google Play and AppStore. This strategic game, Clash Royale, promises to start more storms in the near future. Download it right away for Android devices.

Introducing Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a tactical defense game on mobile. This game's gameplay is neither too easy nor too difficult. In addition to the ability of team layout and tactical arrangement, it demands that players have flexible thinking abilities.

Creating one's own tribe in Clash Royale is possible, but developing and protecting it is the more crucial responsibility.  Many attractive game modes combined with the ability to compete online give players the real experience, confronting live players around the world.  If you successfully occupy other tribes, you will have access to some really intriguing loot.

Gameplay Clash Royale

Clash Royale takes players to a mythical village with extremely interesting ancient tribes. Once a player has established a tribe for themself, they can then expand that tribe and build an empire. They will attack other tribes to take over territory once they are powerful enough. Players will have a total of three towers at their disposal, as well as a vast array of soldiers with various ranks in order to attack the opposition.

Supercell has incorporated a system of cards with features like Attack, Defense, X2 strength,... to enhance the game's appeal and originality. There will be 8 distinct cards available to each player, but only 2/8 of those cards may be utilized throughout a game. You will arm yourself with the proper cards depending on the circumstances of each match. For a more varied card system, talk to other players about the cards you don't have.

To be able to defeat the opponent, pick and construct defense towers appropriate for each match along with creating the ideal waves of soldiers. Determine where to construct two defensive towers so you can shield the main house from enemy attack.

Either team must destroy the opposing team's main fortress to win the battle, or if time runs out, the team that destroys more of the opponent's watchtowers wins. Attack and defense must be balanced because if one of them is weak, it will lead to failure.

Game Modes

The primary and most fundamental game mode in Clash Royale is 1v1 mode. In a 1v1 mode, players will compete with one another to earn trophy points and advance in rank. Players will be able to access more new, powerful, and intriguing cards as their rank rises.

The following mode is a 2v2 battle. You can team up with gamers from across the world to win the game or invite friends to join you. With its incredibly intriguing and distinctive combat, this can be considered a fun game option in Clash Royale.

In addition, the player can access the event mode once they have unlocked the fifth kingdom. The event mode will periodically occur and provide the player with special cards that offer very alluring rewards.

Power Cards

There are many types of cards in Clash Royale, players can collect them through the process of fighting as well as opening battle chests. Each card will have a different level, and once the player has gathered the necessary number of cards, they can use gold coins to raise the card's level. The cards' stats will improve as a result of the upgrade, which will also make them more powerful on the battlefield.

In addition to the division by rarity, in Clash Royale the cards are also divided into different groups of cards including:

Soldier Cards: are warrior cards that are summoned and can be moved to attack enemies. There are many types of warrior cards in the game with different ways of moving and attacking such as: Knights, zombies, witches, dragons,etc. Warrior cards are the main core to bring victory to the match.

Magical Cards: are those that have the power to directly assault an enemy's soldiers, buildings, and fortresses.

Building Cards: are those that let players erect fortresses and turrets on the playing surface. Fortresses will have the ability to summon troops to attack the enemy. These buildings' health, however, will deteriorate with time and can be destroyed by enemy strikes.

Graphics and Sound

The cards and characters in the game are beautifully and vividly illustrated in bright colors. The vibrant and extremely powerful match effect in each confrontation is the highlight that makes the game more attractive and thrilling.

Clash Royale has a fast-paced background music that creates a sense of excitement for players before entering battles. During the matches, the background music is pushed up to create a thrilling and attractive feeling. Sound effects when players summon cards, use skills or attack cards are detailed and extremely interesting.


In the genre of card strategy games, Clash Royale offers players a fresh layout and manner to play. Players will enjoy hours of fun watching beautiful battles with incredibly lovely heroes and cards. Clash Royale is a game that you should download and play if you are a fan of strategy games and are looking for one with unique and engaging features.