Call of Duty Mobile APK 1.0.27 (No)

Call of Duty Mobile
App Name Call of Duty Mobile
Genre Action
Developer Garena Mobile Private
Size 92.4MB
Latest Version 1.0.27
Mod info No
Update September 19, 2022 (1 years ago)

Currently, Call of Duty Mobile is regarded as the best mobile game. To give gamers the finest experience, Activision Publisher released this game alongside the official version. With top-notch graphics and vibrant acoustics, let's join the game and discover this game's interesting survival mode.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile APK for Android

It can be regarded that Call of Duty Mobile is a blockbuster survival shooter game that is derived from the well-known Call of Duty game. To experience more of this game's appeal, download it directly to Android devices.


Introducing Call of Duty: Mobile 

From the prior popular series, Call of Duty Mobile will require you to complete a lot of combat missions across many different locales in order to survive. Activision Publishing Inc.'s gaming franchise has been enthralling fans with its grandiose and top-notch works for decades.

Call of Duty: Mobile belongs to the first-person shooter genre with extremely dramatic gun battles. In addition to the action games that are most mentioned by young people today such as: Free Fire,, and others. Call of Duty Mobile is also the top hit worldwide. The subject of the game is based on valiant troops in combat. They've achieved some brave wins or given their life in defense of the nation.

Outstanding Gameplay Call of Duty: Mobile

Players will assume the character of the army's most elite soldier and engage in risky missions. You will experience realistic FPS gameplay on mobile devices. Call of Duty Mobile is set on a bloody fantasy battlefield, where you must battle to beat the opposition, save your own life, and the lives of your team. 

Call of Duty: Mobile's gameplay moves to multiplayer mode. Team fight, Team Deathmatch, Score Capture, Zombie mode, and other game types are available. The user must compete against other gamers from across the world in every mode.

In addition,you can access Practice mode to reinforce your shortcomings and hone your skills if you feel like you lack the experience to compete with other players.


Offensive Weapons

In this game, combat weapons are unquestionably essential. A very extensive variety of weapons, ranging from rifles and shotguns to large shotguns like the Sniper, Rifle, and Arctic. 50. You will have a lot of options for your playstyle.

The basic stats of the gun can be increased by adding a scope and any three attachments, giving you an advantage in challenging 1v1 solo phases.

In multiplayer games, you are permitted to carry 3 weapons, including a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and a special weapon. To design your own special gameplay, feel free to personalize your selection of these 3 categories. In addition, you can bring 2 additional types of grenades and 3 extra cards to further boost the character's fundamental qualities.



The various character systems have a very attractive appearance with a wide spectrum of protective and supporting gear including caps, backpacks, and outfits.You can pick one of the game's most popular characters, like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Ghosts. You can construct a special super soldier for yourself by upgrading equipment, powers, or costumes.


Players will encounter areas with distinctive topography on the Call of Duty's iconic large epic map system, which can either be your strength or weakness. But this game will undoubtedly provide you a terrific experience.

Graphics and Sound

Sharp 3D graphics that are comparable to the PC version of Call of Duty. With a vast map range, the exterior is quite impressive. Alleys and trails are specifically planned, with attention paid to every little detail. Beautiful outfits, extraordinary weapon appearances that are sharp from every angle.

Every firearm makes a different sound. The shotgun's sound is relatively mellow due to the weapon's low profile, whereas the rifle's sound is quite rapid due to the bullet speed. The shotgun's sound will have a loud echo after each shot and will be interrupted by the reloading process.


As the top famous game brand, it can be said that Call of Duty: Mobile is now the top shooting game on mobile. Download and play this popular blockbuster game right away on your smartphone to enjoy its interesting features.