Bus Simulator Vietnam mod apk (Original)

Bus Simulator Vietnam
App Name Bus Simulator Vietnam
Genre Simulations
Developer Web3o Technology
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Mod info Original
Update October 05, 2022 (11 months ago)

Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK is a driving simulation game created by Web3o Technology. The game will help you experience bus driving on diverse roads in Vietnam. Buses are a public transport in this country, and it is quite popular with students, commuters, and residents. However, bus driving is a job that requires precision, safety, and concentration, so not everyone can do it. The game will help you experience the feeling of a bus driver traveling all over the roads in Vietnam.

Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK

Bus Simulator Vietnam

Bus Simulator Vietnam has only been released recently but has received a lot of praise from the gaming community because of its realistic bus driving mechanism and diverse bus system. Besides, gamers from Vietnam also especially love the game when it has excellently simulated the beautiful landscapes of this country on the 3D graphics platform.

Vietnamese players will enjoy familiar routes when driving a bus in the new game of Web3o Technology. The game will provide the same routes, maps, and landmarks as in the real world. In addition, the bus used in the game belongs to Thaco, a famous and popular bus company in Vietnam. Thanks to that, you will have the most authentic and enjoyable experience when transforming into a bus driver in this beautiful Southeast Asian country. 

The game is confirmed by the publisher that it will launch the following updates soon. Therefore, players will have many opportunities to perfect their experience and enjoy many new locations, maps, and routes.

The Map System Is Diverse And Suitable For Reality In Vietnam


The map is the key element for a bus driving simulation game because an accurate map will help you familiarize yourself with what is happening in reality. This game is an excellent choice for Vietnamese players as it describes the typical terrain of this country with maps updated directly from Google Maps.

Thanks to that, you will experience all the popular terrains in Vietnam with the highest accuracy compared to reality. Large and flat roads in cities, steep terrain in areas like Dalat or Sapa, or rough roads and obstacles in the countryside, will all be simulated realistically. and will definitely bring you moments of entertainment when experiencing Bus Simulator Vietnam.

Choose Your Favorite Bus

Choose Your Favorite Bus

With a bus driving simulation game, the game's diverse and unique bus collection is truly impressive. Players can enjoy hundreds of types of buses with different characteristics from many famous bus companies. Vietnamese Bus companies in the game include Duc Dat, Hao Huong, Viet Tan Phat, and more.

Each type of vehicle will have its own characteristics, creating diversity in the game experience. Vehicle-related details such as the exterior shape, rearview mirror, vehicle name, wheels, seats, steering wheel, main door, side door, and more have all been sophisticatedly simulated for added realism to the game. As a result, you can experience different types of vehicles with the utmost precision, the same way a real bus driver would.

Enjoy Realistic Driving Mechanics

Enjoy Realistic Driving Mechanics

Although the game offers various buses, they all share the same control mechanism for you to get used to quickly. You can navigate the vehicle in two ways, using the virtual steering wheel displayed in the center of the screen or the device's tilt sensor. Besides, the remaining basic features, such as acceleration, brake pedal, and gearshift, will also be displayed visually on the game screen.

In addition, extra features such as opening the car door, closing the car door, observing the rearview mirror, opening the trunk, and more will also be optimized for each vehicle model so that you have the most authentic experience with your vehicle. How to be a bus driver.

Customizing The Appearance Of The Bus

Although it is simulated from actual rows of cars, the game still allows you to customize the appearance of the buses to make them more eye-catching. You just need to visit the Settings section of the game to adjust the paint color and parts of the bus. As a result, the cars you drive will look better and give you a personal touch.

Make Your Trip To Various Vietnam Destination

After getting familiar with the control mechanism and refurbishing the car to your liking, your task is to experience the roads in Vietnam. The game offers 3 different types of maps so you can freely explore the beautiful landscapes in this country. However, with a large population and narrow roads, you will need to drive carefully and with focus to ensure the safety of passengers and avoid causing an accident. Besides, always obey the traffic lights and traffic laws to overcome the game's challenges.

3d Graphics With Bright Colors

The game offers 3D graphics quality with bright and vibrant colors. As a result, you will enjoy the routes, scenic views, and buses in Vietnam with the most eye-catching visual experience. In addition, you can also customize the weather in the game, helping you get more familiar with the complex weather conditions in reality.

Download Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK

Bus Simulator Vietnam MOD APK is a game not to be missed for bus drivers in Vietnam and for those who want to experience the feeling of this job. The game offers beautiful and realistic landscapes of traffic conditions in Vietnam and provides a variety of buses with realistic physics interaction from the control mechanism. Download this game now to transform into a bus driver, experience the best features of Vietnam, and complete your mission of protecting the safety of your passengers.