Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại APK (Orinals)

Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại
App Name Bảo Bối Huyền Thoại
Genre Strategy
Size 562.0MB
Latest Version
Mod info Orinals
Update October 01, 2022 (1 years ago)

Monster Explore is the ideal option if you're seeking for a Pokemon-themed game to help you develop into an accomplished trainer with a variety of legendary Pokemon. The game will transport gamers to the mystical Pokemon universe. Players will be turned into trainers in this game, and using their skills and Pokemon power, they will gradually rise to the top of the globe to become legendary trainers.

Download Monster Explore MOD APK For Android

Monster Explore is a strategy game with a popular Pokemon theme that lets players assume the role of a trainer, create their own super-effective Pokemon strategy and lineup. Download the game on Android devices right now to discover all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Introducing Monster Explore

Monster Explore is a game worth anticipating if you are a "fan" of Pokemon with numerous treasures.This new breed of pet combat game will transport you to the fantastical world of Pokemon, where you can develop your skills as a trainer and rise to the top of the global ranking.

The game features numerous Pokemon species and includes familiar characters like Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Similar to other Pokemon games, Monster Explore also has a variety of Pokemon, many in evolved forms with well-known moves, allowing players to put together the most potent team.

To overcome difficult obstacles, players will use magic balls to catch Pokemon. Players can also intelligently manipulate beasts and use their attacks to damage foes. They will gradually become a legendary trainer through these difficulties and challenges.

Gameplay Monster Explore

PvP: A gameplay where players who own Pokemon compete against other players' Pokemon to see who wins. Find the most talented coach from there who merits large awards after each game.

PvE: A gameplay in which users battle computer-controlled Pokemon with their Pokemon. Players should take advantage of the chance to practice and experiment with a variety of Pokemon lineups because losing will not affect your ranking.

Missions in Monster Explore

The main mission: These are quests that demand a specified achievement from the player, like spending 5000 gold or finishing a chapter. Despite the difficulty, the reward will be quite valuable.

Daily mission: These are daily tasks that are normally relatively simple to do, the rewards vary according to the degree of difficulty. Daily quests have a set number and are reset daily.

Characters in Monster Explore

Satoshi: the protagonist of numerous well-known Pokemon sets and has a gregarious, cheerful disposition. He is always positive and never gives up.

Kasumi: a stunning woman with a strong personality who serves as Satoshi's first companion and is consistently devoted to her comrades.

Pokemon: To aid players in unleashing their capture, the entire cast of illustrious Pokemon from the original game will be present. The publisher also keeps track of each Pokemon's special abilities and evolutionary stages in order to create the playera sense of familiarity.

Features in Monster Explore

The player will have the opportunity to capture a boss Pokemon after fighting it. Players can utilize good Pokemon balls to boost the success rate, but the tougher the boss, the harder it is to catch. This feature permits users to acquire the desired Pokemon without having to forfeit any coins.

Additionally, you can use and experience the legendary Pokemon in the fight interface and learn about their terrifying strength.

Graphics and Sound

The world in the game appears to be identical to the most recent anime adaptation thanks to the graphics in a contemporary 3D style that are extremely realistic and close to the original. The background graphics are highly sharp and vibrant.The visuals of Pokemon performing really beautiful moves without any skills have redundant motions or duplicate graphics, which contributes to a wonderful game world.

The publisher uses the precise sound frequency of the cries that have aired in the anime series to dub his Pokemon, giving each individual Pokemon's distinctive cry its own voice. Every newly launched skill will have a unique sound effect that does not overlap. From there, it brings a feeling of closeness to the player.