Asphalt 8 mod apk 6.8.0j (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping )

Asphalt 8
App Name Asphalt 8
Genre Racing
Developer Gameloft
Size 189.33 MB
Latest Version 6.8.0j
Mod info Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
Update August 15, 2022 (1 years ago)

Asphalt 8, one of the most played racing games on mobile, offers players the best visual and aural experience with a fantastic selection of supercars. You will get the best trip when you enter the race in this game, which features a variety of supercars and difficult race tracks.

Download Asphalt 8 MOD APK For Android

Asphalt 8 is a wonderful choice if you enjoy racing in video games. You can access the track anywhere and at any time by playing both online and offline. As a result, you will  enjoy the most amazing free time.To immediately participate in the races, download this game to Android devices.


Introducing Asphalt 8

As you play Asphalt 8, you'll get the chance to steer opulent supercars from well-known manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and more in blazing competitions.

You will compete in exhilarating races against a variety of opponents. Players get access to more than 220 distinct supercars through the system. The best supercars can be yours if you use money to purchase them. Players can modify their automobiles to increase the speed of the race and take down any opposition to cross the finish line first.

More specifically, the music is included into the game to draw players in and keep them interested. Every race has a unique song on a different terrain.


Players must make it difficult for the opposition to win, accelerating and decelerating at the proper moments to ensure safety while moving. To avoid the opponent's trap in particular in order to cross the finish line successfully and safely in order to earn the best score.

Gameplay Asphalt 8

The player's goal in Asphalt 8 is to defeat other players and rule the speed world. In many locations around the planet, players can take part in blazing races on various terrains.

Players can select from a variety of racing modes: Classic, Elimination, Knockdown, Multiplayer, Gate Drift…

Each game screen will feature a different mission, including spinning about in the air, avoiding damage to the car on the track, taking out the guard trucks or avoiding collisions while driving.

This version's track will be more appealing and intricate. Just one destination, but there may be 5-7 different routes there, so you must both carefully avoid hazards and determine the fastest way to the objective.

Features in Asphalt 8

The entire year is filled with competitive seasons. When you upgrade and renovate your supercar, you can compete with other racers to get rewards.

Players can entirely use shortcuts in the Asphalt 8  to cross the finish line first, which is a unique feature. Along with passing your opponent during the game, you need to be shrewd  to identify a shortcut that will help you advance more quickly.


You can take part in more than 300 different events in Asphalt 8. Your race will become unending, players will encounter numerous significant difficulties, particularly in career mode.

Through multiplayer mode, you can challenge your pals. Players can join the race in this mode with up to 8 different opponents. They are faced with greater problems and drama.To unlock the prize on the track, attempt to have the highest score.

Graphics and Sound

Intriguing images can be seen in Asphalt 8. The collision and explosion effects are incredibly lifelike, just as on a real racetrack. Additionally, Gameloft takes great care and meticulousness in maintaining the scenery at the racetracks. 

Impressive, eye-catching, and thorough shape is an aspect of car model graphics that should not be overlooked on Asphalt 8.

The game also does a very good job of illustrating how the weather affects the track. For instance, when it rains, raindrops will fall on the screen, and while a player is racing in the desert, they will feel the dry air.

To provide players with the most realistic experience possible, sound has been carefully integrated. Everything is wonderful, from the roar of the engines until the crash. 


Asphalt 8 merits to be the game of choice for gamers that enjoy speed because of its stunning graphics, great audio, and appealing gameplay. The races are ready for you to conquer and to experience a lot of exciting stuff. Let's play Asphalt 8 right away.