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Arena of Valor
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Arena of Valor: Learn about the game

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena, also known as a MOBA, that is available for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The game involves players controlling heroes, each with unique abilities, and working together as a team of five to defeat another team of five. With over 100 heroes available to choose from, there are a plethora of viable team compositions, making each match different from the last. Players start each match on a clean slate, meaning that items, experience, and abilities gained from the previous match are not carried over. All heroes start at a low level and gain experience and gold through killing neutral minions, eliminating enemy players’ heroes, destroying enemy structures, purchasing certain items in the shop, or passively over time.

Arena-of-ValorThe experience gained will level up a player’s hero and unlock or strengthen more abilities, whereas the gold earned will be used to purchase weapons, armament, or consumables to give an advantage in the next fight. As for the game’s final objective, each team aims to destroy the other’s turrets, ultimately reaching and destroying the enemy’s core structure, resulting in the game’s end. 

At the end of each match, players are rewarded aesthetic items, or arcana, for certain heroes and gold, which can be used to purchase more heroes or arcana.

Key Features (attacks)

Boasting 112 heroes available for selection, Arena of Valor categorizes them into different roles with different attack styles. Heroes that deal physical damage are countered by heroes with a high armor stat, while heroes that deal magical damage are countered by those with a high magic resistance stat. Some heroes are able to deal both types of damage, making them extremely versatile in fights as they are well-rounded. Additionally, some heroes are able to deal true damage, which cannot be countered by either defense stat.

How to Play (heroes)

In general, all heroes are classified according to six categories: assassin, mage, marksman, support, tank, and warrior. Assassins are equipped with abilities that allow for high mobility and burst damage to swiftly eliminate damage dealers such as mages and marksmen, but at the cost of low health and survivability when engaged in combat. Mages are also known as the “ability power carry” or APC due to their high magical damage output through spellcasting to eliminate enemies. An APC can adapt to team composition easily by purchasing items to increase damage output at the cost of fragility, or to increase defense and survivability at the cost of kill potential. 

Marksmen are also known as the “attack damage carry” or ADC due to their high physical damage output through auto-attacking to destroy objective structures and kill enemies. An ADC deals an incredible amount of sustained physical damage, but is often fragile without proper itemization, making him/her susceptible to being ambushed by an assassin. Supports have abilities to overall aid their teammates with healing skills and buffs for movement speed, attack speed, attack damage, and defenses, while debilitating enemies in a team fight with stuns, disables, silences, and slowing movement speed. 

With such a vital influence on the outcome of a fight, supports are generally fragile and often stay near allies for protection and to set up the next kill. Tanks will prioritize purchasing items that increase their health, defense, and survivability at the cost of damage output. These heroes will focus on absorbing as much enemy damage as possible so that all ADCs and APCs can survive and continue dealing with damage. Tanks are also equipped with abilities that allow for crowd control and fight initiation, which nearly guarantees that each fight will start with them as the main target as intended. Warriors are known as hybrids of the damage dealer and tank classes, making them well-rounded for damage output and survivability, and strong in 1 vs. 1 situation. Thus, they are able to endure long periods of fighting while dealing high sustained damage to enemies. 

While all heroes are classified in a textbook manner, gameplay allows for creativity and versatility via itemization. For example, with the proper items, an assassin can have more survivability, an ADC can have greater mobility, and a tank can deal higher damage. It is up to the players to remember that each item choice comes with its own drawbacks, which could equally help them win or lose the match.


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