Angry Birds Epic RPG APK 3.0.27463.4821 (Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds Epic RPG
App Name Angry Birds Epic RPG
Genre Simulations
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 39.8Mb
Latest Version 3.0.27463.4821
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Angry Birds Epic RPG is a fun game version from the publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the parent of a series of "angry birds" games popular with millions of players worldwide. The production team used a unique but equally exciting method of creating material in this release to provide players with countless moments of enjoyment. Currently, the game has been widely covered in over 180 countries worldwide.

With hundreds of hard stages, the game will take you on an expedition across Piggy Island's sunny beaches, cold mountains, and deep dungeons. Collect and construct a massive armory of weaponry, and utilize strong magic to combat scary boss pigs and their numerous minions.

Angry Birds Epic RPG MOD APK

Rovio has already launched an incredible number of Angry Birds-themed games in recent years. But this game is unlike the others since it introduces a fresh style to the Angry Birds franchise for the first time. The game is designed as a turn-based strategy with RPG features. And the entire game will take place on a faraway tropical island populated by all familiar pigs.

A huge range of locales, ranging from snow-capped mountains to blue beaches, will not disappoint lovers of this game series. Face additional opponents, and after the game, you'll get the opportunity to fight the king himself.


The Battle of the Birds

Angry Birds Epic RPG transports players to Piggy Island for hilarious combat of birds, featuring angry birds and pig birds. Angry birds are enraged when pig birds steal all of their eggs.

Each stage of the game requires the player to command an army of three Angry Birds to combat the other squad. Gamers only need to move the Angry Birds towards the pigs so that the two sides may battle.

The game version's bonus level offers gold coins, silver coins, and jewels. You may spend the money you've gathered to buy helmets for the Angry Birds squad, goods, weapons, and Mighty Eagle birds to help you fight adversaries.

Various Funny Weapons

The game will provide a diverse and humorous arsenal for players to destroy the hateful pig birds. These weapons range from guns, bows, hammers, swords, and darts to unrelated items like brooms, brushes, and more. All of them are designed to be funny, promising to bring laughter to Angry Birds fans.

Besides, through levels, you can upgrade the weapons you have to increase damage. That will make your weapon more destructive, helping angry birds to vent their anger on funny pig birds.


Exciting PvP Game Mode

You can experience the default mode of this game with the same operation as the original series. The default mode allows your birds to fight the AI ​​to win and earn rewards.

If you are looking for something more exciting, you can experience PvP mode. This unique mode allows your birds to fight against other players' birds, and whoever is angrier will win. The PvP mode is perfect for you to invite your friends to play with you and enjoy battles that are both fierce and funny.

Tips When Playing Angry Birds Epic

When you first start playing the Angry Birds Epic game, you would think it is extremely straightforward. However, the longer you play and the more talents you get, the more challenging the game becomes. As a result, you'll need some gaming tips to win this game in the following ways quickly:

First, gather as much gold in the battle as you can. Gold may be used to purchase additional great talents, employ mercenaries, or purchase headgear. Every day, you check in and play the game, aiming to gather as many gold shards as possible from the buttons you've unlocked.

Furthermore, there may be numerous screens in the levels you've completed where you haven't received the maximum number of three stars. Play those rounds again; you will almost certainly earn numerous excellent prizes from them.


Top-Notch Graphics And Sound

Angry Birds Epic RPG is based on 3D visuals, fluid imagery, and bright color schemes. Angry birds and pig birds are made to look charming and comical to please gamers. Piggy Island has been diligently invested in, methodically designed, and meticulously built to be authentic to every aspect, providing gamers with a fresh and airy environment to rest in.

Furthermore, the game's sound is resounded by the birds' screaming and the weaponry collision. Furthermore, the background music with dynamic rhythms contributes to the gameplay's uniqueness.

Download Angry Birds Epic RPG MOD APK

Angry Birds Epic RPG is a game that brings humor and fun to anyone to entertain. It comes with simple gameplay, sharp graphics, bright colors, and funny expressions of angry birds. In the MOD APK version that we provide, you will enjoy unlimited money to freely buy equipment and weapons and make the battle more dramatic. Download this fun game now to relax after work day with your family and friends.