Angry Birds 2 APK 3.20.0 (Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds 2
App Name Angry Birds 2
Genre Casual
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 247.3Mb
Latest Version 3.20.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update September 12, 2022 (1 years ago)

Angry Birds 2 is an entertaining and popular game from the publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Given the popularity of version 1, Angry Bird 2 promises to be even more successful because of its impressive features and numerous updates.

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK For Android

Angry Birds 2 features straightforward drag-and-drop controls, amusing graphics, and vibrant colors attract a lot of gamers. The game became a "storm" when it surpassed one million downloads in less than half a day of its release. Find out why Angry Bird 2 was so highly received by downloading it right now for Android.


Introducing Angry Birds 2

This game of publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation has more enticing new gameplay styles waiting for you in this version, which is continually updated with seasonal events. The player's mission will be to help the birds carry the eggs back to the nest by helping them demolish the other wicked pigs' hideout. Players must gather keys on the route to save the birds and their eggs in order to finish the quest.

The Story Continues From the Early Version

The fight between the birds and the green pigs continues in Angry Birds 2. One day like any other, Chef Pig and King Pig sent a pig to steal the birds' eggs but were discovered. After that, the pig is saved by a hot air balloon. Red bird must once again pursue the pigs and locate the keys to release his pals, including Blues, Bomb, Matilda, and others.


Gameplay Angry Birds 2

In terms of aesthetics and gameplay, Rovio, the publisher, has improved Angry Birds 2. Players won't have to wait as long as they did in the previous in order to shoot the birds one at a time. Instead, you can call Chuck for precise assaults that terrify opponents or summon Matilda by a hail of catastrophic bombs.

As seen in the movie, the birds will jump into the slingshot, and the player will adjust the shot force and angle by stretching the elastic to the appropriate length for the range. The player must calculate the angle of the shot to bring the birds flying into the pigs and destroy them. When they are released from the player's hand, they will all fly along a predetermined trajectory.

Recognize the Abilities of Each Bird

Red returned in Angry Birds 2 and is now stronger than before. When the player touches Red, Red will generate a wind with an incredibly high attack power. Players can dramatically damage and freeze adversaries with the help of Blues, however this bird's abilities are greatly diminished when it clones. Bomb is a bird with a striking appearance that is black and carries a relative weight. When touched, this bird will explode with an enormously powerful destructive force. Lastly, Silver is a brand-new member of the angry bird crew, and this bird has a powerful skill that allows it to propel towers with medium textures.


Attempts to Receive 3 Stars

Angry Birds 2's level count, which can reach more than 1600, is a highly astounding feature. Each stage after completing based on the results in the match will be calculated by stars, up to 3 stars. In order to get the most money, players must put in a lot of effort to finish the level as quickly as possible. Imagine how difficult it would be to complete every level of Angry Birds 2 with a perfect score of three stars. In addition, the difficulty would rise as each level ends.

Graphics and Sound

Angry Birds 2 is designed with an easy-to-see interface, attracting people of all ages. The game also features adorable, entertaining graphics, from birds to antagonists like pigs. The effects of the birds' unique abilities, as well as the game's vibrant colors, are all incredibly appealing and highly exciting.

The player is transported to the world of birds flying through the skies and exuding strength to vanquish the adversary thanks to the amusing sounds made by the characters. The explosion and impact effects are also made to be more realistic.


The birds' strength has increased in Angry Birds 2, which also features amazing combat and appealing gameplay to give players an exciting experience. Come explore this world of hilarious and powerful birds right away.