Anger of stick 5 mod apk 1.1.83 (Unlimited Money)

Anger of stick 5
App Name Anger of stick 5
Genre Action
Developer J Park
Size 49.4Mb
Latest Version 1.1.83
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 03, 2022 (11 months ago)

Once again, Anger of Stick is back in the action game market with the latest version, Anger of Stick 5, to prove the stickman trend has not gone away. This is a stickman action and adventure game with simple gameplay for all ages. This game promises to bring you to the world of dramatic action games through familiar platformer-based gameplay combined with attractive features.

Introduce Anger Of Stick 5

Anger of Stick 5 is the fifth installment in the stickman action game series of publisher J-PARK. Continuing the tradition of its sister titles, this game will still provide players with entertaining characters and excellent fighting action. You must continue to use your lethal skills and weapons to defeat evil foes. However, in this section, things will be slightly different when you play in a city setting, where a peculiar gang of people specializes in catching innocent people as experimental equipment. Additionally, brand-new features have been included to provide a satisfying entertainment experience.

As usual, your role in this game will be to assist the stickman in overcoming obstacles so that he can defeat the bad zombies and defend the world. To combat monsters, stop the illness from spreading, and keep the city safe, find like-minded people.


Simple Gameplay

A platformer-style mobile action game for players of all ages, Anger of Stick 5 has extremely simple but engaging gameplay. To control the colorful stick figure, kill the bad guys, and achieve the problematic objectives in this game, you only need to utilize the virtual keyboard on the screen.

Thanks to the cleverly designed control panel on the screen, you can enjoy the entire screen filled with breathtaking action scenes. On the left, the control keys up, down, left, and right are similarly organized in a logical manner. The skill buttons are on the right side. You'll find it simpler to remember how to play the game if you do this. As a result, you'll pick up the game quickly and perform well.

Diverse Map System And Game Modes

The structure of Anger of Stick 5 follows a familiar thematic system, with confrontations getting harder as you progress through the levels. You may express your thinking and shooting talents in this game's more than 60 different stages of varying difficulty.

The fact that this game offers players a reasonably varied game mode system further adds to its attractiveness. This version adds the Zombie mode, which has three options: Zombie, Parachute, and Defense, in addition to Single mode.


Instead of battling nasty goblins, players will encounter vicious zombies in Zombie mode. Zombies can move, attack, and have greater resistance than regular humans. Exterminating this undead was definitely not an easy process.

Additionally, you shouldn't disregard the other two game modes, Defense (withstand waves of goons and zombies attack) and Jump Jump (jump onto the iron bar and climb as high as possible while clearing enemies). Both promise to provide you with the most thrilling matches and are incredibly intriguing and enjoyable.

A Collection Of Weapons

In Anger of Stick 5, you will have to control colorful stickman characters and equip them with many advanced weapons to fight enemies. You won't be able to change your character's appearance or outfit. However, you will still be able to use bonus diamonds to increase your hero's level and stats.

Meanwhile, besides using punches and kicks, you will have to combine many different weapons such as knives, pistols, machine guns, etc. Each weapon has its own stats, with unique special abilities. Therefore, consider adjusting them to suit the combat context and the strategies you set out to achieve the highest efficiency.


Good Graphics And Sound Quality

Like its predecessors, Anger of Stick 5 also has graphics designed in a fun cartoon style. The highlight of the game's graphics is not in the realistic simulation details or diverse facial expressions. The graphic principle of this game is smooth, the action is thrilling, continuous, and impressive.

In addition, in contrast to the dramatic battles, the sound system of this game has very simple, gentle melodies, and it can even help you relax your mind. Although this element is a bit odd, this is considered a unique style of the games in the Anger of Stick series.


Download Anger Of Stick 5 Mod Apk for Android

Anger of Stick 5 is back after the popularity of the previous 4 versions and will undoubtedly be better than before because of the enhancements to its features. Although the aesthetics won't significantly improve, the appealing game types and the varied character and weapon system will compensate for it. So, if you are a fan of the shooters in general and the Anger of Stick series in particular, you must immediately join this game to become a stickman hero and save the world.