Youtube Music mod apk 4.55.55 (Premium/Background Play)

Youtube Music
App Name Youtube Music
Genre Music and Video
Developer Google Llc
Size 16.0MB
Latest Version 4.55.55
Mod info Premium/Background Play
Update September 09, 2022 (1 years ago)

Youtube Music is an online music player for mobile devices from Youtube. Users are permitted to freely make music playlists that suit their tastes incorporating songs and music videos directly from YouTube.

Download Youtube Music MOD APK For Android

YouTube Music is one of the most popular music player apps available right now, which streams music from YouTube. Its distinctive benefit is that you can find the song you like among the numerous videos, original songs, and cover songs it has. For a fantastic listening experience, download the YouTube Music MOD APK for Android right away.


Introducing YouTube Music

YouTube is a familiar video platform with many people on the market today. Besides that, in response to the demand for online music listening from users, YouTube Music was introduced. This is a music player app created by YouTube, which can be viewed as a subset of the YouTube platform and is specifically intended for online music listening. Similar to the music apps Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc, but with the strength of a huge video and music platform, YouTube Music promises to provide users with an entirely new and distinctive way to experience music.

Main Features of YouTube Music

Youtube Music owns a huge music store with more than 70 million songs taken from Youtube. This app gives users access to all music videos on YouTube, including those in pop, ballad, R&B, rock, and other genres. You will enjoy the official music products from your favorite artists that have been uploaded to the channel, which have excellent sound quality. Users can also listen to excellent cover songs, this is a feature that is not supported by Apple Music or Spotify.

Users of Youtube Music can build and customize their own Music Library from tracks that suit their individual tastes. Additionally, it is simple to share your favorite playlists with friends and family.


Live performances or concerts by well-known musicians are among the exclusive stuff that the YouTube Music app offers from across the globe. Thousands of people have been attracted by this incredibly distinctive trait.

Another thing that many people care about is advertising. Users of the free version will listen to music with ads, but the number of ad appearances will not be much. However, if you have a Youtube Music Premium subscription, you will have a full music listening experience without the interruption of ads in videos and between videos.

Of course, you won't find any unrelated content on YouTube Music, such as comedy, games, recipes, TV series, or sports. It's just all about music.

Listen to Music in Offline Mode

Thanks to the phone's storage function, users can listen to music when they are offline. You can save the song and listen to it in this manner to avoid the hassle if your device is not consistently connected to the internet. Furthermore, if you enjoy any song, simply play it once and add it to your playlist by clicking the like button.

Update Trends and Discover New Music

Users will receive recommendations from Youtube Music each day for "trending" songs and recently released music. In addition, Youtube Music will suggest appropriate music albums based on the time of day and the user's location.

Furthermore, Youtube Music has a neat, well-organized, and elegant design. Users may find their favorite music much more easily thanks to the Smart Search UI.


Unlimited Music With YouTube Music Premium

As mentioned above, Youtube Music Premium ensures that your music-listening experience is uninterrupted by ads.

Thanks to the feature Play music in the background on Youtube Music Premium, users can use other programs while listening to music on Youtube Music, such as browsing the web, reading newspapers, looking for documents, etc.

With a music video, you can easily switch between Video and Song modes if the video supports this feature. In addition, the Audio Only function on Youtube Music Premium can be activated if you only want to play audio for all videos without having to modify each one separately.


One of the top-rated music streaming services available today is Youtube Music. For a fantastic listening experience and to take advantage of special features only found on Youtube Music, download this app right away.