Wattpad APK 9.69.0 (Premium, Free Coins Stories)

App Name Wattpad
Genre Entertainment
Developer Wattpad.com
Size 17M
Latest Version 9.69.0
Mod info Premium, Free Coins Stories
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Do you enjoy reading novels or comics for relaxation and entertainment? Come to Wattpad, one of the most popular story-writing and reading apps available right now. Users can exchange their articles, stories, and thoughts with other readers in this place.

One of the most widely used reading apps for smartphones and tablets is Wattpad. There are many different genres to pick from Wattpad, and you can read fantastic books everywhere as long as you have an online connection. Download Wattpad MOD APK for Android right away to access this vast collection of comics.

Download Wattpad MOD APK For Android

Did you realize that keeping up a reading habit is really beneficial? It not only gives us knowledge, but it also sharpens us to improve our thinking skills. Instead of playing video games or watching movies on the weekend, try reading a comic book or a novel. You'll undoubtedly experience something incredibly novel and intriguing as a result. Additionally, for your convenience, Wattpad is launched to help you own a huge treasure of books. Through this Wattpad story reader software, you can now read more books while saving more money and time.


Your Own Comic Universe

Many things have become more contemporary in this age of technology, including reading. The universe of Wattpad contains a wide variety of stories that have been shared as well as the allure of each work, which is grouped into a wide variety of genres. These might include popular love stories that are loved by many female friends, science fiction or detective novels, as well as confidantes of the author who could be incorporated into a story. 

Connect With the Community of Story Lovers

Joining Wattpad will allow you to interact with people from all around the world who enjoy stories. You can connect directly with the top readers and authors in the world, and discuss the stories you are reading.

To ensure that you never miss out on your favorite authors' writing, make your own Wattpad account and join up to receive notifications whenever they publish a new piece. You can more quickly access fresh content, new pieces, or works with the same theme thanks to a clever feature on Wattpad that actively suggests works based on your daily search and usage habits.

Share Your Story

In addition to reading, users can write stories of their own to share with others on Wattpad. You undoubtedly have amusing tales to tell, insightful opinions, and emotions about life to express to others around you. Let Wattpad help you deliver those messages to a community of more than 70 million readers and authors worldwide. You will be able to develop your writing abilities and attract more readers to your own work.


Read the Original Works

Many authors from around the world will provide you with superb literary works in more than 50 different languages. On the Wattpad app, you can read poetry, science fiction, action-adventure, teen fiction, or fanfiction, even the originals. Some famous manga series that have been adapted into movies such as Blood Lad, Death Note, No Game No Life, and more are available on Wattpad. Through this useful reading application, you can enjoy many other well-known books by using only your smartphone.

Idol Stories

Wattpad is not only a place for famous works like Sans Famille, Les Trois mousquetaires, The Great Gatsby, etc, but it is also a gathering place for fans all around the world. Stories regarding well-known acts like SNSD, BIGBANG, and Taylor Swift remain to be posted and updated on a daily basis. If you enjoy those well-known bands and artists, you will probably stick with this app for a long time.

Sync Accounts Across Multiple Devices

Remember to enable sync mode when signing in to your account so that the application may synchronize data across numerous devices, including your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This is a big plus because it allows you to continue reading the incomplete series or content without having to start over.


In addition to being a platform to enjoy and share wonderful stories with everyone, Wattpad offers you the chance to showcase yourself and your abilities to international pals. Create your own works right away by downloading the Wattpad MOD APK right now.