The Seven Deadly Sins APK 1.3.7 (No Mod)

The Seven Deadly Sins
App Name The Seven Deadly Sins
Genre Simulations
Developer Netmarble
Size 126MB
Latest Version 1.3.7
Mod info No Mod
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

The Seven Deadly Sins is an exciting role-playing game for Android with turn-based gameplay, giving players new colors. Netmarble made this game even more exciting thanks to the story of the challenging journey of Captain Hawk, Meliodas, Ban, Diane, and the other Deadly Sins. You will surely be captivated by this thrilling story, along with the beautiful princess Elizabeth. So hop aboard the boat, and with the 7 Deadly Sins, you are ready to explore the difficult challenges ahead.

Introduce The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins was built by Netmarble based on the plot of the first season of the Seven Deadly Sins anime. So this game is set in the beginning in the kingdom of Liones, in the era when humans and mystical creatures from 3000 years ago coexist. However, this kingdom is facing a great threat when the demon race, a race that was once locked up by demonic powers, has returned to the purpose of domination thanks to the help of the Holy Knights.


During these difficult times, Princess Elizabeth left the castle to set out in search of help. Finally, she met the young hero Meliodas - the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas and his teammates have been caught up in a journey to change the world's destiny.

This game lets you use your favorite Seven Deadly Sins characters to dominate the battle. Together with them, you'll be able to decipher the sinister truths hiding underneath evil's outward manifestations and, once more, defend humanity. Instead of using the conventional RPG gameplay, the game will incorporate turn-based card game principles. A unique synthesis of gorgeous aesthetics and skill will create a compelling fighting system. So, take advantage of all the game's features because they may provide you with the most enjoyable times.

Simple But Addictive Role-Playing Gameplay

The Seven Deadly Sins' gameplay will essentially be identical to many other turn-based games. For each turn, you must gather Seven Deadly Sins characters and engage in combat using skill cards. You can use these skill cards to strike or defend your character. These skill cards can be combined to create stronger game actions. If you win, you will receive the experience to rank up. In the other case, you still get experience, but less, and you can start the fight again. You can also use magic cards to activate ultimate skills to destroy enemies quickly.

This game won't require you to have many abilities because of the turn-based gameplay, but in exchange, it will demand that you have a fluid and adaptable mind to come up with innovative plans based on the strengths and faults of the character. From there, you can assemble the most powerful team to crush the opposition easily.


Additionally, the game's well-designed RPG components are its most distinctive aspect. The tavern and quest area are both open for exploration, or you can choose to "Go Now" for greater convenience. NPCs can also be used to complete additional tasks, buy supplies, etc.

A Diverse Collection Of Heroes With Many Unique Skills

Players can access a fairly varied character system in The Seven Deadly Sins. For instance, you may pick a strong leader like Meliodas to steer your squad through challenges. Or Ban, an immortal man, has a cold face and possesses the ultimate talent for stealing. Or you can also take advantage of the magical power of the great magician, Merlin. In addition, you will meet some other interesting characters, including Elizabeth, Hawk, Diane, King, and Gowther. Each character will have different personalities and skills to let you freely make choices that suit your battle tactics.

In addition, you may dress up your characters in various fashionable costumes, hairstyles, and accessories like belts and bracelets. The game's costumes are a crucial component. You will be allowed to use two types of skins, including a normal outfit for stylistic purposes and a combat outfit, which provides a variety of buffs and debuffs to the character.

Exciting Multiplayer Mode

In this game's thrilling Death Match mode, you can team up with your pals to defeat a huge demon. This mode offers a real-time 2-player battle system that makes it easy for you to communicate with your pals. You can also choose additional game modes like PvP or the arena, where you can compete against gamers worldwide. In this game, you can specifically create your own team.


High-Quality Graphics And Sound

Netmarble has provided The Seven Deadly Sins with a graphic style inspired by the Japanese Anime/Manga theme. So, at first glance, you will feel this game is more like a cartoon with fierce battle scenes than a turn-based card game because everything goes smoothly. Everything is designed in detail and colorful, from the characters to the effects and backgrounds.

In addition, you should not ignore this game's music when it was specially composed by the famous composer Okabe with a very playful and modern melody. As for the voice acting, it does not lag when it depicts the authenticity and liveliness of the characters. No doubt about it. Surely, you will be optimized for the exciting experience when participating in fierce battles in this game.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins Mod Apk for Android

How will the journey change the destiny of the world of Meliodas, Elizabeth, and the other members of The Seven Deadly Sins? Therefore, download this game on your Android device and begin your quest to preserve the Liones kingdom. You will encounter a fantastic atmosphere, engaging heroes, and intense mental combat. Remember to mix your finest cards for maximum effectiveness so that you can dominate the battlefield as the most powerful hero.