Sky Garden APK 2.9.2 (No)

Sky Garden
App Name Sky Garden
Genre Casual
Developer VNG ZingPlay Studio
Size 156.2MB
Latest Version 2.9.2
Mod info No
Update August 25, 2022 (1 years ago)

Owning a garden bursting with flowers, bees, and butterflies is undoubtedly the dream of many. Sky Garden will make your dream come true. Your garden will float on the clouds with many flowers, grasses, and adorable creatures in amusing pots. What could be more fulfilling than having the ability to maintain such a garden.

Download Sky Garden MOD APK For Android

For those who adore the farming game series, Sky Garden should be a familiar title. Coming to Sky Garden will transform you into a unique farmer who will look after the cloud garden that is home to many fascinating things. Get ready to explore this distinct paradise farm by downloading the Sky Garden game for Android.

Sky Garden Mod Apk

Introducing Sky Garden

Based on the folk story of Jack and the magic beans, ZingPlay created the farm game Sky Garden. However, this time it didn't take him to the country of giants, rather, it took him to clouds brimming with flowers and strange devices. The player will transform into a true gardener by carrying out fundamental tasks like planting trees, watering them, catching worms, etc.

What could be more interesting than cultivating your favorite flowers, fertilizing and watering them everyday. Watch them thrive, bloom, and produce fruit. Of course, you must also pay care and harvest the crop quickly to prevent theft by others.

Gameplay Sky Garden

Players may easily drag & drop materials to plant and harvest. Worms and bugs will appear on crops in random proportions. You can catch them with gold rackets that you purchase at the store. Additionally, you can encounter some unique insects when you go to a neighbor's house and use a green racket to catch them.

Beside that, a green racket can be used to catch the unique insects you encounter when visiting a neighbor's home.

The mission system is really varied and offers a lot of appealing goodies. The quests are refreshed frequently, and if you find one too challenging, you can move to a different assignment. In addition to small orders, the game also features massive, time-limited carts, and completing them will net you a sizable reward.

Features in Sky Garden

- Unending exploration: The Cloud Garden is home to hundreds of stunning plants and pots that are just waiting to be discovered. Each pot contains a different support bonus.

- Connect with friends: Join in on the planting and trading of agricultural goods with friends all over the world. 

- Many attractive events: All throughout the year, exciting activities are held that constantly innovate to keep you from getting bored.

- Daily free gifts: To receive extra freebies, visit your cloud farm every day. You can amass priceless chests to get precious pots to grow plants in and spruce up the landscape.

To freely exchange, buy, sell, catch each other's worms, and "steal" your neighbor's agricultural goods, remember to make plenty of friends. You may also update your pots and add more clouds, which makes your garden even bigger and more impressive for everyone to enjoy.

Events - Mini Game

Numerous events, minigames, and alluring presents for players are part of the game's regularly updated event system. Events can mainly be done with simple actions like rotating, solving puzzles, and planting trees 

Players will earn valuable goodies when they reach all of the event's goals. There are numerous events and minigames for participants to enjoy.

Graphics and Sound

The game Sky Garden features close-knit fairy characters that are ideal for players of all ages, including kids, and features vibrant graphics and colors. Images of machineries and flowers with tender and intimate expressions. After a long day of work, the game induces a feeling of lightness and relaxation to aid in player relaxation. True to the criteria of peaceful life in the countryside, extremely simple and close.

The game's sound is cheery, soothing with the melodic background music that transports the player to a real fairy garden. The game is made more entertaining by adding subtle in-game activity and sound effects when players engage with tasks.


After a long day at work, uncomplicated entertainment is exactly what Sky Garden provides. The operation is straightforward yet equally innovative, with a smooth rhythm. For those who enjoy the farm game genre, this is a game worth checking out. Let's engage in the game right now to unwind.