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SimCity BuildIt
App Name SimCity BuildIt
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Developer Electronic Arts
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If you are an architect or someone with a passion for construction, then you will surely find your pleasure playing SimCity BuildIt from Electronic Arts publisher. The game allows you to design the city of your dreams, build and upgrade structures, and make your city the most livable place in the world.  

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK

SimCity BuildIt is a city-building simulation game created by Electronic Arts. This publisher is too familiar to gamers through their famous products for smartphones, such as Plants vs Zombies or Real Racing 3. This time, this studio will bring you a unique experience. and fresh, where you will become a talented architect and design the most splendid city of your own. 

You will play the role of the most powerful man in the city, who is responsible for the entire design, construction, upgrading, and decoration of skyscrapers, public buildings, houses, roads, and everything else. Give life to the city, meticulously plan the zoning, and improve the living standard of everyone.  

The game launched in October 2014, and it quickly radiated a positive effect with a lot of praise from the gaming community. Until now, the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times with more than 5 million user reviews. What is the reason for this success? Read on to find out. 

The Gameplay Is Based On The Famous Game Series

The SimCity series was born in the 80s of the last century and has become the favorite game of many gamers. It was one of the pioneering games in the city simulation theme and laid a solid foundation for later simulation games. 

Continuing that tradition, SimCity BuildIt has emerged as the successor of the series with tremendous strides. Electronic Arts have greatly improved the graphics, gameplay, and interaction system in the game to bring the colors brighter and more polished compared to the original game. The buildings in the game are simulated extremely sophisticatedly to every detail, creating a realistic effect for the player. 

Even so, the basic principle of the game remains unchanged. You will still play the role of the architect of the whole city, with the task of making it the most luxurious and splendid city in the world. From a third-person perspective, you will supervise and run every stage of the construction process and enjoy the feeling of happiness when the works are completed.

Develop Your City 

Develop Your City

Your first task at the start of the game is to plan the structures you want to build meticulously. SimCity BuildIt applies practicality to your task list, where if you rush to build buildings right away, your limited knowledge of construction will cause you to fail and have no money left to invest. Therefore, carefully consult the topography of your city, develop detailed and complete blueprints for buildings, and calculate the necessary details for construction so that the city development process can be carried out favorably. That's exactly what actual architectures do. 

Next, you will embark on your city planning plan. The game classifies buildings into three categories: residential, industrial, and commercial. You will have to know what building you are about to build and put it in the right place. There are principles you should never violate as an architect, such as you cannot put a factory behind a residential area, a waste treatment plant should not be located near a hospital, and you can't move hydroelectric plants inland.

After you know where the buildings should be placed properly, you will start building them. The important thing that you must not ignore is to equip electrical and water systems for the works. Besides, you also need to prioritize public works such as schools, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, waste treatment plants, disaster forecasting centers, and more to improve people's living standards. 

Once you have completed the construction of the public buildings, it is time for you to be free with your creativity to build the city to your liking. You will need money to do that, so start with projects that can bring you income. You can build casinos, karaoke, restaurants, bars, pubs, stadiums, resorts, or whatever you like. The money you receive from the revenue of these buildings will be used to upgrade the city's infrastructure. 

Collecting And Trading Resources

In addition to money, you will need resources to build and upgrade buildings. Resources will be produced by industrial zones. Therefore, pay attention to investing in these constructions to get the necessary amount of resources for the construction of the buildings of your dreams. In addition, building many industrial parks will also bring job opportunities for people, and they will love your city more. 

If your resources are exhausted, the game allows you to find and buy other players' resources. You are not alone in the game, as other players are also building their cities. There will come a time when you need their resources, and they need yours. So you can trade and exchange resources to make your city-building process smoother, and it's also an opportunity for you to earn extra income. 

Regenerate The City

Once you've built it and are bored with running and maintaining the city, the game allows you to make an extremely interesting choice: you will wreak havoc on your own city. yourself with various natural disasters, hurricanes, volcanoes, meteors, or even alien attacks. Of course, you will evacuate people beforehand to ensure their safety.  

After the city has been destroyed, you can start the game from scratch as if nothing happened. Plus, you'll be rewarded for your rebuilding. 

Excellent Graphics

Excellent Graphics

Graphics are the most critical factor in the success of SimCity BuildIt. Virtual city simulation game with sharp 3D graphics quality to every detail. With the game's third-person perspective, you can observe everything happening in the city closely. You can select a random point on the map and zoom in to see clearly what the people are doing. 

Overall, the game delivers sharp image quality and bright colors, creating an impressive visual experience for players. Day/night effects and seasonal weather are also added to increase the game's realism. 

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK

There is no better feeling than seeing the city you built from nothing. You will smile when you see the vacant land when the game begins to become the most luxurious city in the world with all kinds of modern buildings and crowded people. The MOD version of the game will give you unlimited money to build the buildings you like freely. Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK now to become an actual architecture.