Shadow Knight APK 3.24.147

Shadow Knight
App Name Shadow Knight
Genre Simulations
Developer Fansipan Limited
Size 153.0Mb
Latest Version 3.24.147
Mod info
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Shadow Knight MOD APK is an attractive fighting game from publisher Fansipan. The game will help you play the role of the greatest dark knight, fight the races with a plot to invade the entire world, and protect the peace of the people of Harmonia. With beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline, and fierce and competitive battle scenes, the game will surely bring a great entertainment experience to fans of the combat series. 

Shadow Knight MOD APK

Shadow Knight MOD APK

The ultimate and fierce battles between light and darkness will return in Shadow Knight. Players will experience the crumbling world of the great dark knight with immersive gameplay combined with adventure and action while fighting to the last drop of blood to bring back the light. for the people of the Harmonia world. 

Players will take turns going through different challenges, from challenging jungle battles and dark dungeons to ghost town battles. The common point of the noble missions that the dark knight must overcome is that these fierce battles will only occur in the dark when it has covered the entire world of Harmonia on the verge of destruction.

With engaging fighting gameplay, exciting adventures of the main character, beautiful moves, and a simple control mechanism, the game promises to help players experience the best combat.

Thrilling Plot

Shadow Knight's story revolves around the beautiful world of Harmonia. This wonderland is home to many diverse races in the universe, from Humans, Orcs, Spirits, Beast Man, and Undead, to Elves. Since ancient times, these races, despite having different characteristics and ways of life, have lived in harmony with each other in separate territories that have been separated.

However, the ambition of a few races has filled them all into a never-ending war. The greedy races waged war and pushed the innocent people of Harmonia to the brink of genocide. The tragedy happened when fire, smoke, and darkness invaded everywhere. 

As one of the dark knights carrying great power, you will take on the responsibility of destroying the evil forces with the ambition to invade the world to regain peace for the people of Harmonia. However, the challenges are not easy. You are the world's only hope. Defeat sinister enemies and a host of epic monsters to return light to the world.

Simple but attractive gameplay


With a brave heart and great strength, you must always be ready for endless battles. Control your character to move through the navigation keys on the left of the screen while using the beautiful attacks of the dark knight on the right to defeat the opponent. You will receive rewards and accumulated points to level up for each opponent you defeat. When you reach levels 5 and 20, you will quickly unlock two special skills to defeat the hideous monsters.  

With each level you play, you will face a Boss with destructive power. These super monsters possess extraordinary strength and extremely fast combat speed. Therefore, you need to make the most of your skill set and focus if you don't want to be defeated by them.

The endless quest chain

You will take turns to perform the tasks that the game requires, closely following the plot of Shadow Knight. The missions will be refreshed daily, ensuring players will never get bored while traveling the beautiful world of Harmonia.

Corresponding to each mission that you need to complete, you will have to go to a different destination in the game's world. They can be forests, ghost towns, or dungeons. These locations are rife with challenges and monsters, zombies, and deadly traps, and you will have to fight them to fulfill the noble mission of the Dark Knight.

The game offers more than 100 levels for players to enjoy. The rewards after you pass these challenges are energy, gems, keys, and gold coins.

Wide range of weapons and equipment

When fighting alone against a series of dangerous enemies, you will definitely need powerful weapons and solid armor to defeat them. Shadow Knight offers a collection of weapons and armor for you to upgrade your warrior's strength. These items are vital in assisting you in combat and helping you to defeat fearsome enemies faster. 

To buy these weapons and armor, you will need the gold you accumulate when you pass the previous levels of the game. In addition, passing certain levels will also help you collect high-quality weapons and armor.

Impressive 2D graphics

Impressive 2D graphics

With the theme of dark battles, it is not surprising that Shadow Knight uses dark and gloomy colors for his graphics. Although only built in 2D format, that can be seen as the advantage of the game when the battle scenes in the dark create an impressive visual experience for the player. The reason is because of the vibrant colors that appear when the main character uses beautiful moves to attack the opponent, and the combat effects such as smoke, sparks, and fog are meticulously and sophisticatedly designed.

Download Shadow Knight MOD APK

Shadow Knight is a game not to be missed if you are a fan of fighting games for smartphones. The MOD APK version of the game gives the main character immortality and greatly reduces the cooldown so that the dark knight can continuously use the move to attack the enemy. Download this game to transform into a great warrior, destroy ambitious races, and protect the peace for the people of the beautiful world of Harmonia.