Scary Teacher 3D APK 7.1.1 (Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping)

Scary Teacher 3D
App Name Scary Teacher 3D
Genre Simulations
Developer Z Amp K
Size 1044.3Mb
Latest Version 7.1.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/ Free Shopping
Update September 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Scary Teacher 3D is a fun and tactical game from the publisher Z&K Games. Despite having a propensity that is similar to the previous game of making fun of neighbors, this one differs in that  there is a little bit of horror that makes the game very special with unique colors.

Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK For Android

Although Scary Teacher 3D is built on a horror concept, there is no shortage of hilarious content that will frighten, fascinate, and intrigue you. Download the game directly on Android devices to play this incredibly entertaining game.


Introducing Scary Teacher 3D 

Z&K Games has developed Scary Teacher 3D, a game about a horrible high school teacher with an intriguing plot. The game was quite popular when it was first released, drawing tens of millions of people to download and play it because of the straightforward, humorous, and enjoyable gameplay that also incorporates a little touch of terror.

You can familiarize yourself with this engaging gameplay with Scary Teacher 3D. Now is your chance to get revenge for what she has done in the past. There are many quests that give you a thrill to complete it, be careful not to let her find out.

The Plot

The plot of Scary Teacher 3D centers around Miss T, a math teacher at a local school, she is a terrifying terror to the neighborhood kids due to her horror and monstrosity. One day Miss T moves next into a boy's home, this boy is the character that you will play to break revenge and tease this scary teacher. Disturb her house by setting traps or messing around to make her mad.

Gameplay Scary Teacher 3D 

Since Miss T will leave every morning, it is the safest moment for you to sneak into success. Since this teacher's home is located next to yours, you just need to wait for the proper opportunity. The layout of Miss T's home is likewise fairly complete, including areas like the dining room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Your task now is to ruin her every move. Infuriate her life by adding salt on food or ruining it, using eggs, birthday cakes, bread or anything else you can buy and throw at her, change household items so that Miss T will be furious. Because of the monstrosity and abuse of children, these destructions are really worth it for Miss T.

The game will have a variety of levels as well as shifting locations for Miss T's rooms. You will have a set amount of tasks to accomplish, but as long as you can successfully complete them all, you can do so anyway you like and in any order.

Being caught by Miss T while playing all those pranks in her home would be terrifying. For you to be able to set up a trap, you must pay close attention to how she moves. All the moving buttons are on the phone's screen and due to the gameplay being enjoyable, not too challenging, Scary Teacher 3D has drawn a lot of gamers from all around the world.

Characters and Equipments

Depending on your preference, you can select the character you own, a boy (Nick) or a girl (Tani). You can shop to alter the appearance of your character along with the outfit and accessories of that character.

Use the gold coins to purchase destructive equipment in Scary Teacher 3D so that you can finish the task more quickly and without having to search the house. Special items in the shop also have quite entertaining effects.

Additionally, pay attention to the tiny screen in the left corner so you can find Miss T on the grounds of the house. To be able to remember every aspect of this house, you must play through the game numerous times. That makes it easier for you to determine the specific room she is in, and you must plan your strategy to do the task swiftly without meeting her.


Scary Teacher 3D is a humorous video game with deliberate jokes, although the graphics are created from more of a horror perspective. Building Miss T with a particularly spooky expression will also make gamers a little anxious. In addition to the terrifying Miss T figure and the game's 3D platform, everything else is built in a very conventional manner and is simple to play. Players will experience tension and excitement with a choice of vivid and  frightening colors depending on the required situation.


A fantastic game like Scary Teacher 3D will help you unwind while playing and reduce tension after a long day. Experience the game now to be able to see Miss T's interesting expressions and show your own spookiest tricks.