Random Dice: PvP Defense APK 6.7.5 (No Mod)

Random Dice: PvP Defense
App Name Random Dice: PvP Defense
Genre Simulations
Developer 111%
Size 195.1MB
Latest Version 6.7.5
Mod info No Mod
Update August 25, 2022 (1 years ago)

Random Dice: PvP Defense is a strategy game from the publisher 111%. Dice are the inspiration for this game. However, in contrast to many other dice-based games, the dice in Random Dice: PvP Defense will actively take part in thrilling battles.

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One of the most exciting and top-notch strategy games is Random Dice: PvP Defense, where you create dice towers with various powers and repel oncoming foes. For engaging gameplay and thrilling dice-based strategy building, download the game right away for Android.


Introducing Random Dice: PvP Defense 

The tower defense game  Random Dice: PvP Defense is distinctive and interesting. Publisher 111% was the one who created and released the game. To thwart their opponents, players will construct defensive fortresses using dice. Despite being fairly easy to play, the PvP mode of the game is challenging. By showcasing their defensive prowess, the players will compete against one another. It demands a lot of skill from the gamer and gives them exciting moments.

Game developer 111% has provided you with a fascinating and thrilling game, you won't get bored because there are a variety of game modes. To prepare for potential situations, you must create your own strategy for swiftly and effectively defeating the enemy.


Gameplay Random Dice: PvP Defense 

In the strategy game Random Dice: PvP Defense, which was inspired by the sides of the dice, you'll construct dice towers with various skills and defend yourself from approaching dangers. The ranks of the piece are matched to each side of the dice,you need to combine types of dice together and create a stronghold to help you defend and prevent the monsters from coming to your place.

The numerals on a monster's body will indicate how much health (HP) they have in various levels. Depending on the sort of dice you use, the damage dealt by each of your shots will vary. Once you have eliminated  all the monsters' blood, they will be destroyed.

Competition Guidelines

Random Dice: PvP Defense is a PvP game, so each match is always a competition between two players. You and your rival will engage in combat in such a way that whoever the monsters destroy first loses and the other prevails.

To put it another way, every monster you defeat will be passed to your opponent. The more monsters you kill, the more they assault your opponent. And conversely, the rival will also be able to do the same to you.


Unique Dice

There are numerous distinct types of dice in Random Dice: PvP Defense, and each variety has innumerable special features. You can bring up to five different types of dice to each game, as well as use the money you earn from eliminating monsters to summon additional dice. 

Especially in the main hall, you can upgrade the dice to make them more attractive, eye-catching, and to boost their initial attributes when you gather a sufficient number of dice cards of the same type.

Game Modes

There are two main game modes in Random Dice: PvP Defense. A cooperative mode and the standard PvP mode.

The primary gameplay is PvP, where two players team up and compete to see who loses all their hearts and loses first. You have the option of playing with your pals or a random player from somewhere else in the world.

Cooperative mode is a special game mode and has a limit to the number of plays in one day. Also, you will be partnered with another player, who may be a friend or a random person. But this time, instead of engaging in combat, the two will cooperate to halt monster attacks. In contrast to PvP mode, if you let any monster enter the house, both will instantly fail.

Graphics and Sound

Bright colors and simple features are used in the game's graphics, they effectively convey the game's content. The qualities of each variety of dice vary depending on their many varied textures. The chess board is created to be simple but fully shows the details as well as adds a new part to the game.

Random Dice: PvP Defense has background music that is fast-paced but softly and not overly pushed up.The game is made more exciting by effects sounds from exceptionally dice make gamers feel like they are participating in real battles.


Random Dice: PvP Defense is a very intriguing strategy game with brand-new gameplay that is inspired by dice. The graphics are designed to seem simple but extremely detailed with many different screen effects. Random Dice: PvP Defense is undoubtedly a game you should not miss if you enjoy playing strategy games with unique gameplay.