Project QT APK 13.0 (Unlocked Character/Free Skill)

Project QT
App Name Project QT
Genre Simulations
Developer Nutaku Studio
Size 79.2MB
Latest Version 13.0
Mod info Unlocked Character/Free Skill
Update September 09, 2022 (1 years ago)

Project QT Mod Apk is a video game with a compelling plot and role-playing gameplay based on the well-known Japanese anime culture. You can find stunning women dressed in highly provocative attire in a parallel universe. Your task is to together a group of courageous women with incredible combat prowess to take on the terrible extraterrestrials. You may probably guess this is a multiplayer third-person shooter game with a unique blend of futuristic weapons and technology.

Introduce Project QT

Project QT is a famous game released by Nutaku. This publisher is known for games with sensitive images and intended for players over 18 years old. At this time, Project QT is no exception.

The player's plot through this game is crystal obvious and uncomplicated. Several future research studies on cosmic black holes have been carried out to fulfill humanity's desire to expand beyond Earth. However, an accident happened to the scientists when their experiment connected the Earth with another dimension.


This accident accidentally became the declaration of war by the Earthlings against the beautiful girl-shaped creatures on the other side of the black hole. After the crash, the world goes into chaos as other races start to invade your planet on their spaceships.

Against this backdrop, a group of sexy Earth girls gathered and fought against those threatening the world's peace. Hence, your goal is to gather these girls into a strong, fiercely combative team that can drive the invaders away.

Simple But Addictive Gameplay

Though this title's gameplay is straightforward, the challenges are exciting. The game's narrative is explored through various chapters, and there are hundreds of logically organized quests that will not overwhelm you. You must gather coins and eliminate adversaries by each level's requirements. Never let your guard drop since strong foes are always lurking in the distance.


Project QT's gameplay is built on the well-known turn-based system. For players that have experience with mobile games, this is quite convenient. In essence, the game now asks you to assemble a group of women to defend the planet from dangers from space. You can enlist additional girls to practice with your team after each victory. Each hottie will have a different power stat. That allows you to combine various characters to diversify your squad.

Additionally, you can accomplish various tasks by lining up blocks of the same hue. By connecting additional identical-colored blocks, you can quickly reach a high score. While playing, you can use unique objects to increase your chances of winning.

Beautiful Girls In Sexy Dresses

When you visit Project QT, you'll notice that all of the game's characters are gorgeous and seductive girls. These girls could be allies or beasts disguising themselves as lovely young women. Hence, in any event, remain vigilant.

Every female will own unique talents and skills. You can pick the girl you like best. You can use in-game currency to enhance or purchase your preferred character to gain more points.

The opposing army is also split into multiple battle groups with a commander in each team to speed up the invasion of Earth. You can bring back stunning commanders for your collection if you defeat these groups. You can utilize these soldiers to carry out further missions or fight to save your planet. When you begin the game, a description of these tasks will appear.


Fight With Other Players

Another attractive element of this game is that it supports players to compete online. So you can join this game with your family, friends, or anyone in the world. Additionally, this game offers unique modes that let players compete with one another. With this method, you can learn how to improve your warrior or earn valuable in-game items.

Some Other Attractive Features

You'll note that most of your Project QT foes are weak, but they are all under the command of genuine fighters with exceptional combat abilities, known as the Elite Army. So, the best approach for you to amass a strong army and triumph in the game is to assemble and train this force to defend the Earth.

In addition, this game offers a very appealing and frequently updated event system. This is also a helpful element to keep players engaged when playing this game for an extended period. You can participate in events to purchase gear and enhance your warriors to the best possible.

Unique 3D Graphics With Immersive Sound

Of course, Project QT has been thoughtfully infused with crisp 3D graphics and a charming anime aesthetic. Chibi warrior paintings mixed with ferocious combat and graceful movements will provide you with the utmost fun. Additionally, mangaka graphics will be employed in default mode so that you can view the endearing warriors in their most captivating form.

Additionally, this game offers you fairly good sound quality. However, this game occasionally uses sensitive sound effects, for instance, when sex scenes are present. Therefore, using a headset is ideal if you want to enjoy the game's audio without endangering anyone nearby.

Download Project QT MOD APK for Android

Project QT is the ideal game if you enjoy fighting games and anime. With some sizzling moments, a terrific experience, and substantial rewards after completing the task, this game will appeal to fans of anime games. The game's online play function allows you to amuse your buddies thoroughly. But remember that the game's sound might be a little perilous and easily misinterpreted. Get ready to battle the strong animals of the parallel universe by downloading Project QT MOD APK to your Android phone, turning the volume down, and launching the game.