NBA 2K20 mod apk 97.0.2 (Free Shopping)

NBA 2K20
App Name NBA 2K20
Genre Sports
Developer 2k Inc
Size 15.3Mb
Latest Version 97.0.2
Mod info Free Shopping
Update September 07, 2022 (1 years ago)

NBA 2K20 is a famous basketball simulation game from developer 2K. The appeal of this highly competitive sport has made it attractive to millions of people worldwide. The US is the country with the most extensive fan base, and they also have the highest quality basketball tournament in the world, the NBA.

Introducing NBA 2K20

Basketball fans continue to have a quality choice to experience the tournament at home with NBA 2K20. Following the success of its predecessor NBA 2K19, this version has promoted the strengths of this series with attractive game modes and image copyrights of top superstars.



Becoming the top basketball manager is the goal you have to aim for in this game. You will have to start everything from scratch, recruiting players and building a professional team. Take each win to accumulate points and raise your team's position on the leaderboard.

After winning the minor leagues, your team will accumulate enough points and be allowed to participate in the NBA, the top league in basketball. That is where you have to face excellent and experienced basketball teams. Therefore, it requires you to have a perfect strategy in the arrangement of the squad and high skill in controlling your players to score points.


Copyrights of Superstars

It's great news for fans of top NBA stars like Stephen Curry, James Harden, or Michael Jordan that this game owns the image rights. So you can completely control the basketball players you idolize to play in the top matches, build a team of superstars that combine, or even leave them on the bench if you want.

Not only that, you can even edit the appearance of all the players in NBA 2K20. The Advance feature in the upper right corner of the character will help you do this. So you can create a basketball team of all skinheads, all-black players, or anything else you can think of. Your creativity in this game is unlimited, which is the game's appeal.

You will have to pay in-game money for decorative items or unique appearance designs for your players. This money can come from daily quests or when you participate and win matches.

Control Mechanism

This game accurately depicts basketball positions as people play in real life. You will have to build a solid defense with two positions, Point Guard and Shooting Guard, and the offensive line must score many points with Power Forward, Center, and Small Forward positions.

The players will move using the navigation key in the lower-left corner of your screen. On the right side will be buttons representing the actions you require your players to perform. That is stealing, assisting, passing the ball to teammates, or making excellent shots.

Although this control system is no stranger to those who are fans of basketball, it still requires players to deeply understand the game to make accurate decisions in specific situations. So practice hard and make good use of this system to score more points and bring victory to your team.


Many Modes to Experience

You don't always have to participate in the national championship. This game also offers a lot of other modes to increase the fun of your gaming experience. Modes like MyCareer, Story, Street Mode and Multiplayer are also very attractive and create drama. Discover the new things in NBA 2K20 for yourself because I don't want to reveal them at all; it will make your experience less enjoyable.

The unique feature in this version is Association. It allows you to manage your basketball team in the most detail and gives you a list of recruits applying to join your team. You can refer to each player's stats on this list to decide if he deserves a spot on your basketball team.

Competing With Your Friends

The appeal of all sports, in general, lies in rivalry. So it will be boring if you just play alone without familiar opponents. Fortunately, the publisher of this game can let you compete with your friends via Bluetooth connection. So this is your chance to prove that you are a top basketball manager with competitive skills that surpass your friends.

Download NBA 2K20 MOD APK for Android

The NBA tournament is the most exciting basketball tournament on the planet, bringing together top stars with the highest quality of expertise. Therefore, these tournament simulation games always receive significant attention from the community, and NBA 2K20 has completed that task. With attractive gameplay, the copyright of many famous players, sophisticated control mechanisms, and many modes to experience, this game is a perfect fit for those who love the NBA tournament in particular and basketball in general.

In addition, if you are interested in this game without overcoming too many challenges to earn money, the MOD APK version will give you unlimited money to collect superstars and shop valuable items in the game's store freely.