Messenger APK 347.

App Name Messenger
Genre Communication
Developer Facebook
Size 46.2Mb
Latest Version 347.
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Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Messenger is now Facebook's most used messaging service, developed entirely for free and available on a variety of platforms. This application may be used to share images, videos, emojis, audio snippets, and even files with your friends, colleagues, and family members.

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Introducing Messenger

Messenger is a messaging service offered by publisher Meta Platform, Inc via Facebook and Instagram. Some of its capabilities are quite useful for folks living abroad to stay in touch with their loved ones without having to make pricey international calls. You may chat with people all over the world with the application Messenger. Many people are already familiar with this tool, you could even regularly use Messenger, but have you explored all of its wonderful features? Let's find out what you already know and what is new with this app that you haven't discovered yet.


Contacts and Messages on Android Devices Can Be Synced With Messenger
One of Messenger's conveniences is that after you install the application, log in to your account, then all of your account information and chat history will be synchronized to your new device. As a result, there won't be any breaks in your chat with anyone or anywhere.

Private Messaging

A built-in private messaging feature in Messenger allows you to set the time that messages should self-destruct once the sender has finished reading them. This feature makes Messenger quite unique. For important communications or when used on an insecure device, this function offers enhanced security and privacy. Additionally, every message you send is encrypted, which makes it impossible for hackers to read it.

You may keep your crucial communications confidential by using the Privacy setting. Limiting who can message or chat with you will help you avoid many irksome situations that are uncomfortable for you. You can even block certain individuals whose Messenger chats you don't want to contact.

Various Chat Themes and Stickers

The theme of your Messenger chat is changeable. When talking to your lover, you can select a romantic theme, and when talking to your family and friends, you can select a soothing orange-tone theme. You can freely adjust hundreds of themes in the app library to change your chat frame. It will make the background of your Messenger app more vibrant.

In addition to allowing you to send messages, photographs, and snapshots directly from Messenger, it also lets you play games together, share locations, transmit GIFs files, and share a range of stickers. Furthermore, you are allowed to transmit unrestricted amounts of photographs, videos, and other materials. Your conversation will be much more fascinating and entertaining thanks to the aforementioned characteristics.


Chat/ Video Call to Many People

With the integrated messaging and video calling capabilities of the Messenger application, you can talk to more friends at once and ensure that you don't miss any meetings, whether they are nearby or distant. The video call tool incorporates numerous additional capabilities as well, including the ability to add effects, colors, and even AR applications. You can call and play games accessible in Messenger, which is quite convenient, or you can invite pals in the group to watch an intriguing movie with you.

Additionally, each time you initiate a video connection in Messenger, you can connect with up to 8 people at a time. Video calls include excellent sound quality and clear images that will delight both sides.

Handy Dark Mode

It is simple to text at night because of the software's integration of a Dark Mode (black background), which lessens the glare of the phone's backlight and prevents eye strain.


Through the above article, we hope to help you understand more functions that Messenger brings. This is a useful tool for you because it allows you to make totally free video calls and text messages to your friends and family. To convey your feelings, you can send them images, videos, emojis, and animated GIFs. To enjoy several of this application's unique features, download the Messenger MOD APK right away.