Last Day on Earth APK 1.20.14 (MOD Menu)

Last Day on Earth
App Name Last Day on Earth
Genre Action
Developer Kefir
Size 899.9Mb
Latest Version 1.20.14
Mod info MOD Menu
Update August 25, 2022 (1 years ago)

Last Day on Earth is a zombie-themed mobile survival game from publisher Kefir. What would the world look like if there was a zombie outbreak one day? Among the legions of the zombie, how will humanity be able to survive? You can find the answer to that question by playing Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK For Android

A lot of players will be drawn to any gameplay that incorporates elements with a zombie theme, and Last Day on Earth is no exception. The mobile gaming community has been very welcoming of this game. What are you waiting for? Download this fantastic game right away to Android devices.


Introducing Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth: Survival will transport you to a new setting where you will be transformed into one of the city's few fortunate survivors. There are swarms of zombies roaming free across the city now. You will carry on your noble mission of eradicating zombies and defending the world.

In this version of Last Day on Earth Survival Mod, players can use all of their skills and all of the available elements to more easily defeat the zombies and save the world. Furthermore, the game will also require you to be agile and set up strategies to be able to overcome challenging survival hurdles.


Last Day on Earth: Survival has a fictional plot, takes the player through numerous intriguing and remarkable aspects. The player's context is likened to the end of the world. People are dying slowly over the globe and in every city as a result of an infectious virus that has spread throughout humanity. The worst case scenario is that after they pass away, they will reanimate as zombies and turn crazed, attacking those who are fortunate enough to still be alive. The few survivors are forced to fight for survival in a world that has been largely destroyed and is surrounded by zombies.


Survival Gameplay

The gameplay in this game is recognizable and comparable to other Kefirgames creations. However, once you start playing Last Day on Earth, you'll get an addicting feeling from it.

For surviving among the zombies that are all around you, you will need to devise a strategy. The zombies could be lurking in any location, such as quarries or woodlands, and they are constantly on the lookout for you. In order to survive, players will need to gather food on their own from a few components that are dispersed all across the area, including fruit, meat, and water.

The materials that you have collected can be used to make weapons and armor , including sticks, shirts, pants, shoes, and hats to boost resistance and slay any zombies that may be out there. By crafting and building, players can also create their own bases, residences, traps, and other things to assist them with a safe haven to survive and rest.

You can explore the military bases that have been abandoned in addition to the wilderness regions. You will undoubtedly receive significant supplies from there, including weapons and ammunition, which will be quite beneficial.

Additionally, you should not always hide in one place. There will be a certain period of time when zombies will sniff and find you on their own.


Challenges in Last Day on Earth

In addition to zombies, you also have to deal with thieves and other guests. If you don't defend carefully, you can lose all of your possessions or be killed before coming across the zombies.

The lack of instructions from the game's publisher is another factor contributing to the challenge of this game. Joining up for Last Day on Earth, you can only support yourself to survive. Gain a lot of experience in order to become stronger. Beside that, it will assist in enabling additional new items and special features for you.

You can also invite more friends to the game if you find it difficult to play by yourself in Last Day on Earth: Survival. All tasks in the game can be split up, and having teammates will undoubtedly make it easier to survive.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Last Day on Earth: Survival are really impressive,  the game's specifics are accurately and passionately presented. The character's 3D image appears exceptionally lifelike and vivid at all times of day, including sunrise and sunset. The graphics for the game's objects are also quite detailed and eye-catching.

The sound in the game depicts the wilderness following a catastrophe. The only sounds in a wide space that you can listen to are those of animals or zombies. In addition to the above sounds, the sounds when cutting trees, digging ore or weapons show the strong decisiveness as well as the drama of the war with the zombies.


An excellent and captivating zombie-themed survival game is Last Day on Earth. The game is the ideal option for individuals looking to experience a sense of adventure and learn how to endure harsh environments. Try it out and you'll be totally surprised by what the game offers.