Hay Day APK 1.58.82 (Unlimited Money)

Hay Day
App Name Hay Day
Genre Farming
Developer Supercell
Size 218.1Mb
Latest Version 1.58.82
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update October 05, 2022 (1 years ago)

Hay Day MOD APK is a fun farm management game for players who love the daily work of a farmer. The game possesses simple gameplay, bright colors, peaceful countryside scenery, and funny pets. Quality products from the publisher Supercell will surely entertain you after a tiring day of studying and working.


Hay Day was first launched in 2012, and so far, the game has received 4.5 stars from 12.8 million reviews and more than 100 million downloads from the Google Play store. That shows how great the appeal of the game is. 

You will become a real farmer in Hay Day. Your daily task will be to build a farm, raise livestock, care for crops, decorate your farm, and turn it into your own paradise. After harvesting agricultural products from crops, you will sell them to earn money and prepare for the upcoming crop.


Gameplay Fun

Entering the game, you will be a start-up farmer with some rudimentary houses, fields, and barns. Your goal is to learn to improve your agricultural knowledge and start farming with several seeds available in the game. You will have to plant seeds all over your garden, water them regularly, and wait until your plants bear fruit. 

After fruiting, you will harvest them like real farmers. You can sell them in exchange for some money to upgrade your farm. At the same time, you will also receive some experience points from the game as a reward for your hard work. This amount of experience points will help you level up, thereby unlocking additional items, new seeds, and many other exciting features. 

There is one point that you need to keep in mind when playing Hay Day that is, the game will prescribe the life cycle of the plants to be 3 times. That means the crops will wither and die after being planted and harvested 3 times. You will have to buy new seeds after the plants die and water them to become new plants. 

However, you can enlist your neighbors' help to prolong your plants' life. If you have harvested 3 times and the crop is about to wither, you can give the signal “Help.” When your neighbors see the signal, they will water your plant and extend its life cycle to 3 more harvests.

Design Your Farm

The game has a wide range of different items for you to decorate your farm with. You can use the game's customization feature to change the design of your farmhouse, truck, and roadside shop to make them more eye-catching. Items you can use to decorate your farm include panda figurines, birthday cakes, and musical instruments such as harps, tuba, cello, and many more decorations.

In addition, you can also use the money to buy special items to beautify the farm, such as flower bushes to attract butterflies. Thanks to that, your farm will have beautiful flocks of butterflies flying around.


Variety of Pets

Pets are the unique elements of the game, and they will make your farm look more lively. The game provides a variety of pets for you to choose to appear on your farm freely. From cows, chickens, and goats to pigs, all are designed with a super cute appearance so you can look at your farm all day without getting bored.  

Two special pets in the game are dogs and cats. Owning them will help you gain a huge amount of experience and extremely attractive items. However, you will need to invest a certain amount of money to be able to keep these two types of pets, as they need to be in a separate house and eat expensive food regularly.  


Trade is an important element of farm management games like Hay Day, where you need to control your economy by selling the crops you harvest and buying seeds to start a new crop. When you reach level 17, you will unlock your own harbor, helping you expand your trade to customers worldwide.

However, using the harbor will cost you a huge investment. Every time the harbor is damaged, you will need to lose up to 16000 coins and a day of waiting for the repair to be completed. In addition, you also need to wait 4 hours for the freight train to return to the port. You can use 5 diamonds to save more time waiting, as they will help your ship return to port immediately.  

Besides, leveling up at level 7 in the game also unlocks the Roadise Shop. This is where you can sell more goods and crops. The proceeds from your customers can help you buy new seeds, pets, and decorations for your farm.


Funny Graphics

Hay Day provides quality 3D graphics and bright colors. Besides, the outlook of farms, houses, trees, boats, and pets in the game is extremely cute and fun. As a result, you will have a relaxing and entertaining farming experience. 

Download Hay Day MOD APK

Hay Day is one of the most impressive farm management simulation games in the world. The game reaches over 100 million downloads, with more than 20 million players daily. The MOD APK version of the game will get you unlimited money and unlimited seeds. Thanks to that, you can freely shop for items and pets and upgrade your farm. Download Hay Day to become the wealthiest farmer in the world.