Gangstar Vegas APK 5.9.0t (Unlimited Money/VIP 10)

Gangstar Vegas
App Name Gangstar Vegas
Genre Action
Developer Gameloft
Size 56.67 MB
Latest Version 5.9.0t
Mod info Unlimited Money/VIP 10
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

The racing-themed mobile game Gangstar Vegas is well-known and was developed by Gameloft. If you've played mobile games for a while, then surely publisher Gameloft will be no stranger to famous game series such as Asphalt 9, N.O.V.A, and others. In addition, Gangstar Vegas is expected to continue Gameloft's string of successes.

Download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK For Android

Gangstar Vegas must be mentioned in relation to the racing game with shooting. The publisher of this game has quickly caught up to the trend of increasing game availability on smartphone platforms. Download Gangstar Vegas right away to play this popular game on your Android device.


Introducing Gangstar Vegas 

Gangstar Vegas is an action shooter with a contemporary, busy metropolitan scene and an underground system full of American crime. It was first launched in 2013 and became a worldwide sensation. Players will experience crazy challenges such as racing, fighting MMA or even shaking hands with the city's notorious gangsters to carry out silent assassination missions.

In order to create a realistic crime scenario, Gameloft exploited detailed and vivid for vehicle chases, robberies, and intense gunfights directly on the street. Similar to the well-known GTA game, players can freely control their actions, not necessarily following the path to complete the task.

Powerful Mafia Boss

You are thrust into the role of a notorious mafia boss in the game Gangstar Vegas. There are many evildoers waiting to depose and eliminate you. You must move on the street with extreme caution in this dangerous circumstance. However, you still have  brothers in the gangster world who are devoted to you. Gather them together and explain your strategy to them, then remove anyone trying to stab you in the back. Amass vital weaponry, remain vigilant and combat-ready at all times.

In this game, you have the option to engage in racing, stealing, and bombarding. Also, players are able to go anywhere in the city and freely explore Vegas' vastness. However, you will need to reestablish your strength and gang, take down all of your adversaries to control the city. The player must immediately bombard the adversary while engaged in the risky pursuits to prevail.


Mafia’s World

Similar to the popular GTA V game, Gangstar Vegas immerses you in a sizable yet challenging open world where you'll take part in violent street brawls, brutal car races, and bank robberies. Furthermore, Gangstar Vegas created a fairly thorough summary of the player's results, including the number of adversaries, walking time, riding duration, number of deaths, etc.

Money is essential if players want to survive in Las Vegas. Through races, missions, bank robberies, nightclub and casino visits, players can earn money. You could use that cash to buy brand-new supercars to compete in the races.

Additionally, you may view the entire city by using the camera from above. The city has numerous opulent and stunning lights. Discover the vastness of Las Vegas and take on strong gangs. Your world will expand means you face numerous difficulties, fight and rise to the position of tycoon to govern the city.


Gangstar Vegas combines every contemporary weaponry seen in mobile shooting games, offering a wide variety of weapons from simple to modern, melee to long range. A sky of bombs will be created when your war erupts with a range of weapons like cannons, flamethrowers, swords, and rockets. Each weapon can be upgraded differently, for example, to deal more damage or reload more quickly.


Graphics and Sound

The 3D graphics are stunning, the game's movements, such as walking, running, jumping, or punching and kicking, are incredibly precise and fluid. The character creation is also meticulously designed and detailed.

A massive, colorful Las Vegas city has been crafted by Gameloft. The appearance of the entertainment places, such as bars and casinos, is quite busy and pretty striking.

Each location in the game has its own background music. The combination of many various types of sounds gives Las Vegas the appearance of being highly bustling and crowded. Players can experience the frightening sound of bombs suddenly coming from anywhere in the street, which is quite an intriguing sensation when stroll through a dangerous city.


The open-world action game Gangstar Vegas created by Gameloft features excellent graphics, fluid movements, and a wide variety of vibrant sound effects. Millions of gamers worldwide have become enamored with the game due to its appealing gameplay and eye-catching shapes. Gangstar Vegas will not let you down, download the game right away.