Discord APK 218.12 (No Mod)

App Name Discord
Genre Communication
Developer Discord Inc.
Size 261.1Mb
Latest Version 218.12
Mod info No Mod
Update October 03, 2022 (1 years ago)

Discord is a communication app for gamers that helps them connect and play the best games together. In addition, the game community is very large with millions of members on this application.

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Discord is a communication application that is particularly well-liked by gamers right now. In the game, communication is crucial because it helps with quests and leads to better results. Download Discord MOD APK for Android right away to be able to communicate, plan strategies with teammates, and win games.


Introducing Discord

Game communication is more crucial than you would realize. For team games like CSGO, PUBG, etc, you will need to discuss and plan strategy with your teammates in private and not let the opponent know. Additionally, comprehending what your teammates are thinking can improve your ability to cooperate, play harmoniously, and prevent misunderstandings. You can also assign tasks to each other to help complete the level more quickly.

It is safe to say that there will be a lot of issues when playing games with friends or allies. For the optimal gaming experience, gamers urgently need an app that facilitates interaction together. To meet the above needs, Discord Inc has launched Discord. An application with a user-friendly interface, designed for all user types, and a flexible collection of features that enable players to perform multiple tasks at once.

Free Voice Chat

Discord is best known for its primary function, audio chat with pals during games, which also features good sound quality and an automated filter that lowers background noise to make conversations more comfortable. For each different match, you can easily establish your own chat groups and discuss with your buddies. This application is still fully free and ad-free despite the excellent and consistent sound quality. It is considered that Discord supports users when they play games similar to a powerful tool.


Chat by Message

Discord offers direct messaging chat in addition to audio chat. Users will find it quicker and more comfortable to team up in battle modes thanks to this feature. When playing games, it is also possible to designate roles and positions for each other on the battlefield.

In Discord, there is no restriction on how many people can join a chat room. This capability is utilized for work, group discussions in class, and meetings in addition to gaming. If there is something you want to discuss privately with a group member, you only need to click on that person's nick and start a conversation.

User-Simple Interface

Normally, there is an inconvenience when players switch to app chat. However, if you use the Discord application, you won't have to worry because the way the functions are arranged on the screen is incredibly clear, straightforward, and organized. For users of all ages, this application is fantastic.

Discord Community

Discord is no different from a common home for gamers. Building a strong, long-lasting gaming community that can generate a lot of attention is the publisher's aim. It is evident that this objective has been achieved quite successfully. More than 250 million users from around the world have used this app so far. 

One of the factors people are using Discord more and more is because its very simple and concise account registration process doesn't demand a lot of verification. You may easily sign up for a Discord account and begin using it after a few clicks.


Many Additional Features

You can take advantage of other capabilities in addition to the primary ones mentioned above when using Discord. While playing games, you can play music, visit YouTube, or arrange music however you want.

In a group chat, if you feel bothered by a certain member, you can press Mute or Block that member directly.

Additionally, the application can assist you in connecting your accounts on popular gaming forums today with other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Zalo, etc. You only need to be connected to the network in order to search for and follow other users who are fighting alongside you.

The application also offers group sharing to make audio conversation even more useful. When you send someone a shared link, they can join right away by pressing it.


Discord is a crucial tool for you to interact with the gamer community worldwide and find partners to play the finest games with. This application shows the convenience of communication, download Discord right now to join the large community of gamers.