DEAD TARGET: Zombie mod apk 4.116.0 (Unlimited Money)

App Name DEAD TARGET: Zombie
Genre Action
Developer Vng Game Studios
Size 140.9Mb
Latest Version 4.116.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update August 18, 2022 (1 years ago)

The action-horror game Dead Target: Zombie was created by VNG GAME STUDIOS. The post-apocalyptic zombie survival game is well known and supported by the global gaming community. Dead Target: Zombie also contains unique features that heighten the intensity and spookiness of your battle with zombies.

Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie MOD APK For Android

With a version for the Android operating system, Dead Target: Zombie, the ultimate role-playing game from VNG GAME STUDIOS is making a significant sensation in some nations. Join the adventure by downloading the game right away on Android devices. Dead Target: Zombie with great graphics will bring you lifelike experiences.

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Introducing DEAD TARGET: Zombie

World War III breaks out in 2040, a time of enormous technological advancement. In order to create superhuman strength and tireless transcendental warriors, a corporation has conducted a study on people.The initiative,however, was a complete failure.

The individuals studied had undergone mutations, making them stronger and more muscular, but they had also lost all sense of humanity and craved human flesh. More seriously, the organization let an individual experiment escape, which allowed the sickness to spread quickly.

The age of destruction has arrived. The sickness has quickly spread throughout the entire world. Survivors gather in groups with the hope of surviving together among the bloodthirsty zombies. Before the army takes action to wipe out the city and region, you will transform into the main character and have the duty of gathering the pandemic situation for them.

Only your team survives in the end. Find a way out of hell and return to your secure haven through the deadland. The sole chance for humanity is in you. Only you will be able to uncover the real cause of this fatal outbreak during the inquiry.

Gameplay DEAD TARGET: Zombie

To kill zombies, finish the plot, gather goods, buy weapons, and increase power, you'll transform into a strong character.Complete missions to earn points and boost player leaderboards to unlock new guns and maps. Kill as many undead as possible to complete the quest's requirements. 

There will be records of all accomplishments. High-damage weapons are among the numerous great items that will be awarded to those who attain the highest levels.You can only fight off the ravenous zombies if you want to spare humanity from extinction.The world has no other chance than you.

Missions in DEAD TARGET: Zombie

- Stop the zombie from coming into the neighborhood.

- Eliminating the zombies in a research hospital gives scientists an environment to create vaccines.

- Prevent the zombies from infiltrating the subway system so they don't take over the city.

- Protect a damaged line until it has been fixed.

- Since there is a shortage of both ammunition and necessities, pay attention to the items nearby as they may hold the key to your survival.

Items of Support and Weapons

Some items support enormous damage such as explosives, mines, and gas tanks exploding on a massive scale. Utilize them wisely to get a significant edge that will enable you to escape perilous situations and win the battle.

Rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and grenade launchers are the main weapons.There is also a secondary weapon with a support function that you can use in addition to the main weapon to assist you become a destroyer on the battlefield like a genuine shooter.

Varieties of Zombies

The zombies have a wide range of powers and shapes.The huge boss will pursue you like a crazed destroyer. Some zombies have incredibly quick speeds and powerful buffs, making them quite hazardous.

Graphics and Sound

Players can experience fear when facing off against zombies and shooting guns in games with beautiful effects that blend with sharp 3D graphics. Additionally, the configuration of the game is stable to aid players in having a good experience while using its intriguing features.

Additionally, Dead Target: Zombie's sound effects are fantastic. For instance,the sound sceneries will alter depending on how you play, and using a gun will produce a highly realistic sound in addition to zombie screams.

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The unique elements of the game Dead Target: Zombie will be experienced by players. The game is also entertaining so that players will have moments of adventure and exploration. You will be the crucial factor in preventing the world from suffering a zombie apocalypse. Download and play the game right away.