Castle Crush mod apk 6.3.2 (Unlimited Gems, Coins)

Castle Crush
App Name Castle Crush
Genre Simulations
Size 85.4Mb
Latest Version 6.3.2
Mod info Unlimited Gems, Coins
Update September 07, 2022 (1 years ago)

Castle Crush APK is a strategy game genre developed by Fun Games For Free. As you all know, strategy and role-playing games are two highly appreciated game series and are always favored by the gaming community. So it would be great to experience the quintessence of both genres, and Castle Crush is the perfect match for you.

Introduce Castle Crush

Castle Crush has many highlights compared to the usual strategy games players have experienced. Not only controlling the character and fighting, but this series also requires players to have sophisticated strategies to become the winner. So, this game will be a great choice if you want to experience a new and exciting feeling. The game will bring players exciting battles, where a smart strategy will decide all and bring victory.


Funny Graphics 

Castle Crush's design team created the game in 2D graphics format. This is an excellent choice because 2D graphics are perfect for building a cute world with hilarious and fun chibi characters. Although this is not an ordinary world of anime movies with green grasslands and beautiful things, the skeletons and devil castles have been delicately depicted with many Bright colors, creating an exciting feeling for players.

The fact that the images of warriors are designed in a fun way reduces fear in the game. That showed the manufacturer's purpose when the game proved to be suitable for many different types of players. Castle Crush is not a horror game when it is appropriate to enjoy with players of all ages. In addition, the game's world is a fantasy world, where a lot of things that seem only in your imagination appear in the game.


Fighting With The Given Cards

Similar to many other strategy games, your ultimate task in this game is to control your troops to attack and destroy the enemy's castle to win the final. However, the most remarkable feature of the game is the card element. Players will use five cards in each turn to control their troops to attack the opponent.

Basically, you and your enemies will each own their castle. Soldiers from both sides will take turns going out three lanes, in the middle of those two castles, and destroy each other. Your task is to use the five cards above in any lane you want to let the soldiers in that lane attack your enemies. But be careful. Enemy soldiers can still destroy your soldiers if you do not have a reasonable card-using strategy. That is also the most important reason for explaining the importance of the given five-card strategy. Use them in the most intelligent and calculated way to win.

Choose The Suitable Strategy To Defeat The Enemies

Since this is a strategy game, the tactical element is an essential part of this game. Players need to know how to use the best cards in specific situations to win. Each time a player uses a card, it consumes a corresponding amount of MP to activate. The higher the strength of the warrior you summon, the more MP it consumes. Keep this in your mind because it will take a short time to recharge your MP, and continue fighting when you run out of MP. That moment is the golden time for the opponent to attack your castle.


At the start of the game, the player can have up to 3 MP. Each time you draw a card, MP increases by one. As a result, no matter how many cards you draw from the deck, it still counts as a draw, and the player still only gets one MP. Players can only unlock a maximum of 10 MP, so try to unlock them early to maximize the power of your warriors.

More Than 40 Cards Of Varied Power

The game will give you over 40 different cards to collect and use in battle. They are divided into two main types, the first is used to summon warriors, and the other is to provide magical power. The card that calls the warrior costs less MP, and the warriors you summon can fight for a long time. In contrast, cards that give magic power will cost more MP, and you can only use them once during the battle.

One important thing that you need to remember is to collect as many cards as possible, no matter what form they are. The fastest way for you to do this is to win. When you succeed in destroying your opponent's castle, you will gain cards as loot. Besides, there are many gifts for players every day. They are new cards developed by the manufacturer and will be updated continuously.

Download Castle Crush APK

If you are interested in the most outstanding game features that we have listed above and want to start with unlimited MP, download the apk version of the game right away. This APK version will be an excellent way for you to immediately jump into the game and win against other opponents without spending too much time on quests and building your card collection.