Badoo mod apk 5.268.0 (No Ads, Free Bonus)

App Name Badoo
Genre Social
Developer Badoo
Size 53.8MB
Latest Version 5.268.0
Mod info No Ads, Free Bonus
Update October 24, 2022 (11 months ago)

There were just social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram used for messaging and friend-making in the past. The Badoo app was released to meet the needs of the developing society with the major characteristics of creating friends, giving singles a chance to date, and assisting people in quickly finding their other half. In particular, you can choose groups of people who share your interests or match your criteria.

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If you want to connect with new people or find your soulmate but are too busy at work to do so, let Badoo assist you. Download the Badoo MOD APK application for Android right away to be able to meet people who share your hobbies and preferences.


Introducing Badoo

In our hectic lives today, we really need someone to talk to and make us feel more at ease after a long day at work. However, we don't have enough time to get to know lots of people and pick those who think like us, thus the development of dating apps will greatly assist you in discovering your true love. I'd like to introduce Badoo, a dating app that came out in 2006 and is currently getting a lot of attention.

Although Tinder was more commonly used in the past, Badoo has gained popularity since its release. While Badoo and Tinder have largely comparable user interfaces, some Badoo features are more convenient. Let's explore the characteristics that make Badoo the #1 dating app, downloaded by millions of people daily.

Make Connections With Everyone

Badoo will use the information you supply to search for people who are suitable based on their chosen criteria, such as age, gender, or language, when you create an account and select an area. Users can also look for those who share interests so that you will communicate more effectively when you meet them.


Users of the Badoo app only need to swipe right to communicate "like" feelings to persons they feel match with. If the other person like you too, you have already matched and can text each other. For someone you don't yet like, though, all you have to do is swipe left.

The find friends nearby feature on Badoo is a really helpful tool for users to meet more people wherever they are. Users merely need to open the location and use the option to search for nearby friends.

Users can fill in clear information and update stunning photographs to draw in more likes if they want their profile to show up top in local search results. That makes pairing up easier than normal.

Account Verification

One of the biggest concerns with social dating apps is verifying the user's identity. Since its debut, there have been a lot of phony and fraudulent accounts that have misled the user community. The developer has implemented a more stringent authentication procedure in an effort to decrease the number of individuals who sign up for Badoo without the intention of dating or bothering with others.

In more detail, you must provide a security code that the system sends you when creating a Badoo account to confirm your phone number or email. All data, including name, age, and phone number, must be completely updated. Then, in order for people to see your appearance, you must upload a profile picture with just your face in it. The system will automatically recognize when you upload an inappropriate image and take you back to the profile upload screen. To create your account success, you must complete the verification process.

Even though this system can't confirm the identities of every user, it at least demonstrates that Badoo is attempting to provide the greatest possible environment for users wishing to make new friends. Additionally, adding details like your interests, language, and job into an introduction will help you find suitable pieces more quickly.

Can Be Contacted by Text and Video

Badoo offers video chat capabilities in addition to text messaging. Instead of merely exchanging icons and text like previously, you can now freely call your friends to speak with them.

You can make calls privately here as well if you wish to keep their identities a secret. However, video chat is only possible when you and your companion are linked up. In other circumstances, in order to access this function, you must purchase a premium plan for the app.


The Badoo app is a useful tool for people who are busy and wish to find a soulmate quickly. To help you quickly identify objects and soul mates, the application suggests users who are similar to you in terms of age, vocations, and interests. To find others who share your hobbies and have all-night conversations, download the app right away.