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Alight Motion Pro
App Name Alight Motion Pro
Genre Simulations
Developer Alight Creative Inc
Size 159.7Mb
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Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update October 05, 2022 (11 months ago)

The desire to become a professional editor is not too far away for Android users, as today's powerful applications can help you add some special effects to your videos, making them more unique and making your videos look like the work of professionals.

Many apps today give users powerful editing tools but charge an in-app purchase or an annual fee. Today, we will introduce you to an application that can provide you with all the video editing tools you want, including adding unique effects, multi-layer video editing with vector and bitmap technology, inserting Add text and stickers to videos, and exporting videos with high graphic quality. Amazingly, you can take advantage of all the powerful editing tools above for free.

Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight Motion is a great video editing application from Alight Creative company. This application has been around for a while, and it has always been a priority for Android users with its friendly interface and wide range of powerful features. You can use this free app to edit your videos with professional graphics or combine different short videos to create a finished product. 


This professional animated graphics application helps users to enjoy powerful editing tools and many unique visual effects while they are struggling to edit their videos. In addition, you can add animations, and motion graphics, merge videos, and help you export videos in Full HD quality. What are you waiting for? Download now this amazing application to discover all its features and turn your video into a professional and attractive product. 

Great Tools For Animations And Motion Graphics

Your videos will have a professional look no less than the promotional videos you see on social networks, as Alight Motion allows you to use animated parts. and great motion graphics with vector and bitmap support. This gives you the freedom to make amazing changes to your animation library and emulate anything you want in your video. 

You can take advantage of the presets available in space. Vector graphics to enhance your editor's capabilities. With the motions and elements pre-set by the system, you can save maximum time editing vector graphics and creating the animations you want. 

Many Impressive Effects

Alight Motion will make your videos more unique and attract viewers with a huge collection of effects. You can try out the distortion effects (Distorition/ Warp), the effect of creating swirls (Swirl), the effect of creating ripples (Wave Warp), or the concave effect of the focused image to a point (Pinch/Bulge). Thanks to these unique effects, you can create various content for your videos and make them look more professional.


In addition, the secret of professional editors to make videos look more harmonious is the Blending effect that is also available in this powerful application. Blending will adjust the colors for your video to look more pleasing and suitable for your needs. You can blend your entire video or just a scene you want.

Insert Text Into Videos

You can insert good quotes or funny comments into your videos with the app's text insertion feature. Alight Motion provides more than 2000 different fonts, so you can freely insert the text you want with many different looks. In addition, you can add external fonts to the application to give variety to your videos. 

Easy To Use Interface 

The application provides an intuitive interface that can be used by both novice and professional editors. You can take advantage of the application's powerful toolset, just like editing on a computer, with simple touches of the screen. All tools come with detailed explanations so that you can quickly understand their function, and you will have no difficulty using Alight Motion.

Edit Video In Multiple Layers

Like Photoshop, you can use the layer system to edit your videos more easily. This system will make your video editing process more intuitive and efficient through layers of graphics, video, and audio. Thanks to the layer system, you will save time editing video elements and segmenting and editing videos as you like.

Publish Video In High Quality

Finally, once your entire video editing process is complete, you can export your video in Full HD quality for posting to social media platforms. The application supports exporting MP4 videos and GIF files in many different formats simultaneously with high definition. You can adjust the aspect ratio of videos easily with common ratios like 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, or 4:3. Therefore, you can rest assured when using Alight Motion that your final product is always of the best quality. 

If you are not sure about your product, the application allows you to record a draft to use in future edits. Therefore, you will not have to redo the operations you have added in previous edits. 

Download Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight Motion is a professional video editing application that is entirely suitable for novices and experienced editors. This top-notch application possesses powerful features and is completely free to use. Beautiful visual effects, extensive vector graphics editing capabilities, and a helpful layer system make this app a great addition to your video editing workflow.